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RE: Microcosmos - the tiny creatures that surround us

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What amazing macrophotography skills @osm0sis! The photos are stunning!

The firebug and the African cool! And I'm with you and spiders; my brain says "grow up", but my body just won't cooperate. I'm terrified of them. How is it that some bugs are so cute, like ladybugs, caterpillars, even beetles I'm ok with, but spiders, yikes!

Let's hope our sweet little bees stay around as well as our planet! Many don't seem to get the important role that every little living creature plays in the ecosystem. Take one out and the repercussions are endless.

Thanks for an awesome post!


Thanks Lynn! I see the firebug and the mask were a big hit 😊 Glad to meet yet another fellow arachnophobe.
It's not looking too good for the bees to be honest... but that's a whole other post.

You are welcome :) I read through the comments and yes, the firebug stole the show :)

And the bees. Why aren't more people angry or incensed about the whole thing? Why isn't it a bigger deal? Just why? It makes me sad more than angry anymore. I'd love to see you tackle that post.

I fear my answer may be a little too pessimistic... which is why I tend to stick to bringing "positive" awareness to others in my blog, an attempt to showing a tiny glimpse of the beauty that surrounds us all in the hopes that a lightbulb turns on rather than pointing out our failures (which we are often well aware of already... there a few excellent scientific articles and documentaries on the disappearing bees ordeal)

Thanks Lynn. I hope you and Brian are keeping your spirits up. Much love to you 2.

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