Early Morning Beauty

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There is something about an early morning sunrise like this that just takes my breath away. Maybe It’s because it is a clean slate, a new beginning with endless possibilities, a promise of what is to come. I take comfort in the beauty, and let it inspire me to make the best of this life we are given. To make each day as beautiful as the sky that welcomed it.

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Wow your pictures are too awesome!

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Wow. That is amazing!!!!


Thank you so much!!

You are talented behind the camera!! My goodness!


Wow! Thank you!!! I really enjoy taking photos and have been trying to embrace it a bit, your compliment means the world to me, thank you 🙏

Stunning, just stunning!! What a sight to wake up to!


That sight never gets old, each one completely different than the last and so stunning every single time. Thank you!

Holy saturation Batman! That would also be a great photo to paint from and explore the colors of the sky. Very good composition.


Wow thank you! Your watercolors are amazing btw... I’m a bit obsessed with watercolors 😍.

Too much saturation? I have been playing with slight editing to make it look as I remember it, but it is all very new to me.

Thank you!


The saturation adds a surreal effect but sometimes it becomes overpowering. I think with your colors though it really adds excitement to the picture.


Thank you ❤️

One of the best pictures I saw

Love the colours in that shot, warm sky and the agricultural piece of machinery in the long grass speaks a thousand words, great shot.

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Your photo is stunning. What breathtaking colors!

Dawn and twilight,most magical time if the day. Iin between night and day, between day and night 💓