Traffic, Trains and the MCG

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Is there any major city in the world where the residents and visitors don't complain about traffic? Is there any city that just runs smoothly at any time of the day? I know some cities have amazing public transport systems that work way better than Melbourne. But when it comes to vehicle and road traffic, there's just no easy solution to easing congestion on major arteries.


Camera Settings

Canon 5D MKIII
15sec (multiple exposures for light trails)

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wonderful Long exposure!

Not any city that I've ever visited. Love the shot!


Thanks heaps!

I have very few complaints over here on the other side but I could be biased as I usually travel off peak XD The few complaints I do have is when I have been stuck in rush hour traffic XD

I reckon staggered/flexible working hours and working remotely for jobs where you don't actually have to be physically on-site (unless you want to be rather than the boss insisting you're there so they think you're working) would be pretty easy solutions.

That's a pretty cool shot!


Staggered and flexible hours works well. Until it comes to shopping and eating and stores and restaurants are open at weird times just to avoid traffic :)


The traffic should (theoretically at least XD) thin out a bit with the staggered hours so there would just be traffic as opposed to inadvertent carpark XD