Burj Kahlifa, Dubai - The Worlds Tallest.

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The Burj

At 828m, the Burj Kahlifa stands as the worlds tallest building, and has been since 2008. I gotta say, when you see this building in person, You get pretty dizzy when you look up at it. It feels like you’re going to lose your balance. It’s insane!

This photo was taken along the back side where there is a beautiful musical fountain and just a large court-yard style terrace surrounded by restaurants, malls and other buildings. It’s a beautiful area.. but I gotta warn you. It. Is. Extremely. Hot. ☀️

Dubai is such a beautiful place! Their architecture is definitely out of this world. The world islands. The palm islands and my favourite structure on this planet. The Burj Al Arab, the 7 star hotel built on water. Thankful to have some family living there to make it easy to visit and stay in this desert country 🐪


Canon 5D Mark IV - 16-35mm f2.8 III - 1/80sec f5.0, ISO 800

Thanks for browsing guys!!


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Such a great building!


Indeed!! Took a peak at your blog, and woww you got some killer images man! Definitely following!

Amazing capture, and at the perfect time of the day too :)


Thank man! Haha your favorite! Golden Hour Expert ; )

Dude! That's a tase tall. :)

Great shot and awesome composition ;)


thank you!! : )