A slow return to steemit & Happy New Year!

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It's been 4 months since my last post, and to be honest I think I over did steemit for a while. It started to feel more like another job rather than something I enjoyed. But over those months there was still that nagging feeling that i still wanted to post something - and put up my photos somewhere other than instagram. So instead of stress about it, I'll just post when I feel like it - rather than on a schedule.


I'm sure I have a ton to catch up on. If you feel so inclined, I'd appreciate someone giving me the coles notes of what the hell is going on lately on the platform in the comments. I'm kinda hoping the crowd has thinned out again since the crypto prices are still in the shitter. From a quick look some of my favorite people are still around - sorry I wasn't.


Anyhow enough of that - this set of pictures are from a quick hike up Galetea, just outside of Canmore, Alberta. Unfortunately we didn't quite make it all the way as a storm was blowing in, and the last thing you want is to be trapped in a snow storm. Weather in the Rockies can turn a nice day into a hell slog.


Happy New Year everyone! It's nice to be back - and I hope I can find a cadence that allows me to fit this into my life a little more.

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We are heading out this weekend to Banff to do some hiking or whatever with ice cleats (my first time using cleats), any recommendations?


Ha ling is good with cleats. Or Galetea where we went...if its warm you might not need the cleats though. How hard of a hike?


1-3 hours, easy to moderate.


Ha ling is steep but steady. I'd also recommend Rawson. Most beauty for the effort.


Thanks for the info!

Welcome back! Totally agree that there's no point in posting if it feels like a chore. I've been travelling in NZ for the past two months, so I haven't been posting too much, or keeping up very well with Steem prices. Therefore, I have no idea what is going on, but I sure wish the price would start rising at some point!

Great pictures, looks like a gorgeous hike. Happy New Year!

Beautiful photos in a gorgeous part of the world!

The quick version of what is happening on steemit...

  • Steem price has tanked.
  • 3/4 of people have vanished
  • Hardfork 20 killed everyone’s accounts and spirits for like a week in September.
  • Everyone has this thing called Resource credits now.... which made it difficult for lower rep accounts to function (this has mostly been resolved)
  • There is less spam
  • Only 3 people work at steemitinc now because Ned let the rest of the team go.
  • people are addicted to steam monsters.
  • Everyone who attended steemfest in Poland seemed to have a good time and returned feeling energized by the platform.


I've missed your photos. Glad to see your back, man.

It's nice to see you back. I was missing your great photos.