Long Canyon Light

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With a break in the clouds the entrance to Long Canyon comes alive with some warm summer light. Massive sandstone mountains with sheer walls are towering up to meet the sky as the white cloudy mass brushes their surface while passing by.

long canyon+ 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on 9-10-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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never get over the colors

I have the same problem, LOL. Thanks.

That's a poetic way to word it! Nice description and nice shot as well. I like the angles that were created, it sorta looks like there is a pyramid going through the middle of it horizontally where the hill matches the clouds. Plus that's a neat looking mountain range and a good balance of foreground and sky, it looks like a cool spot tucked away there!

It's nice of you to go into such detail, thanks for that and a great compliment.

Beautiful natural scenery...amazing shot my friend.

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Sounds good, thanks my friend.

That's a very expansive view. Nice one. I like the colors in the mountains. They are quite beautiful

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This is one of many beautiful views to enjoy, thanks.

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