Summer Snow and Tropical Sunsets

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If your wondering where I have been I was out hiking in the mountain wilderness for a good part of the last couple of weeks. Summer still have a week to go here officially but the weather has turned, autumn colors are upon us, and a cold front brought some summer snow this morning to Northern BC and temperatures are forecast to drop down to around -5 C (23F) for tonight and tomorrow night.

All that has me thinking of the tropics. There is just something about tropical sunsets that seems to makes them extra special. Perhaps it’s the fleeting nature of how quickly they pass compared to the long drawn out golden hour of higher latitudes, or perhaps it’s the sense of relief when the heat of the day begins to fade compared to the anticipation up here of impending cold when the sun disappears. It might just be the gin and tonic. Here is a shot I took two years ago just before we moved to Canada. It was taken on Fitzroy Island in the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Far North Queensland, Australia


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here

Robert Downie
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wow such a amazing shot and great determination and time managment awesome combination. welldone

It never actually occurred to me to wonder why it was called "golden hour" til this post. Now I know. Only ever seen tropical and I guess somewhat Mediterranean sunsets :)

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Yes I grew up in the sub tropics in Queensland and it was more like 5 min rather than an hour!