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RE: The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

in #photofeed5 years ago

I agree with you, you can do many things with coffee. Even tell the future 😁
Ok, that was a joke but seriously, I'm planning to draw something and color it with coffee. I have to buy some instant coffee and combined with Turkish coffee will be perfect!


Fortune telling is no joke - @bananamemos just started such a service on Steemit 😁
Are you going to do it on canvas?

Ooop 😁 I'll check it out later.
No, I don't work on canvas. Paper is the best for coffee. It would bleed on canvas.
I bought instant coffee today, so I just have to figure out a scene that looks great using shades of brown.
Any ideas? 😊

Hmm, you can try to paint an autumn tree :)

Thanks for the suggestion, I guess I am going to place it next to a brick wall or church. I guess it'll be a good scene :)

I imagined it in a more minimalist way :) But you should paint it the way you want, of course!

I can do both :)

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