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RE: The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

in #photofeed5 years ago

This is the most creative shot I've seen in a long time....I love that you found the universe in your coffee yesterday. I see the stars....I saw them before I read that is what you noticed. The black hole draws me in and everything moves.....what's that all about?

Also if I were there, I wouldn't laugh laugh.....although I might snicker or giggle a bit. :)



I am very proud of this one, Deb 😊 And I am also very pleased that you liked it! Well, from what I've seen in movies, that's what you should experience when a black hole starts sucking you in.


This would be a good photo for self meditation. You are getting don't want to eat that extra piece of cake......

Haha, I see you have cake-related problems 😁

I think that for meditation purposes, you'd like to have something that doesn't induce vertigo while looking at it :) Hypnosis - maybe!

Yes, I confess, I love cake. Pretty much any kind :) And an extra slice is always better right? Cake makes life way better. And that order :)

I totally agree about cakes and coffee and their influence on the quality of life 😁

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