Milky Way Pano Selfie

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Today being Selfie Sunday I thought I'd share a selfie from my last minute outing Friday night to go photograph the milky way.
I love the early season milky way, it's perfect for doing panoramics.

click to view large

It was incredibly difficult to stand on the sand ledge with the wind blowing, but I'm a seasoned long exposure selfie taker.

In one of my frames I captured what I thought was a shooting star, but it's got a very weird pattern when I zoomed in. Take a look below and let me know what you think it is. (This is a 1:1 zoom)

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 3.42.16 PM.png
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Two incredible photos - what a sky and what a strange frequency displayed in the second photo. Looks like a frequency increase propelling something or communicating something or....

Wow. That's cool @caseygrimley. Do selfie witj milky way as bacground. Amazing and the both of photos are very good

Super cool selfie!

Kind of looks like an intergalactic space tapeworm... Weird...

Haha. Like something out of MIB

Makes sense to me...

Huge shot ;)

Thanks Sergio!

Niiiiice selfie!

I have been scouring the internet to try to find another photo like this one with that streak. Not sure what you've got there, but my guess would still be satellite. Interesting!

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You look as though you're on top of the world @caseygrimley in this epic photo!

Thanks, I felt on top of the world! 😊

Now that's my kind of selfie! :D

As for the UFO...that's weird...does it look like that in the single frame or was it possibly distorted by the stitching?

That is from the single frame. There's actually a second, smaller one too. I thought maybe it was from some movement caused by wind or something but the stars seem pretty sharp to me.

I had the same thought. That's a quandary. If it's a satellite and it's rotating and a panel catches the light, that might quickly change the brightness, but would it change the pixel size of the streak?

Revisiting the stars, though - they are elongated, and of course a gust of wind would affect them different than it would the moving satellite, so that's perhaps still the most logical conclusion, if not the most satisfying.

Anything longer than a 15s exposure and I get elongated stars. All of the photos in the series, the stars look the same.

If the shaking motion was in the same direction as the star movement it could have been hidden by it?

I don't know, it seems the stars are elongated at a different angle than the UFO.

Well, then, I think we just have to face it:

There is a secret government site nearby, probably testing out some new tech

Great photograph! I think the light trail is a meteor with vibration from camera movement. The stars look elongated in the same direction as the vibration. Its not logical for any object to move through space in a tight zig zag ufo or otherwise so most likely its the camera.

Dude, that first shot is F'ing epic! And that meteor looks rad, kind of like it's spinning and somewhat flattish (like a helix pattern?)

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cool shots)

That is a great selfie !

Definitely an alien space craft.
Or maybe a shooting star with some micro vibrations in your camera from the electronics? The wavelength pattern seems very consistent, it would only show up on a very fast moving object and not in the stars.

Come to think if it, my Image Stabilization was turned on.

Well there's you problem ;)

Oh and the pano is awesome too :D

Simply awesome! As for your UFO, I think it will need to remain a UFO. A lot of good possible explanations here, both on the terrestrial and non-terrestrial side.