An amazing experience

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Hello beautiful giants of the sea. We spotted these guys cruising the reefs of Komodo. Pretty Epic!

We hope you like it.

James & Danielle

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Wow, what is that strange looking creature? Looks amazing.


Strange but majestic, they are so graceful underwater.

Are those some young manta rays?


They were actually huge about 3-4m across. The wide angle lens makes them look smaller than they were. 😊

Ah yes !! Happy to see somebody else publishing about Manta rays ! Don't forget this future contest :


Love the mantas!! Looking forward to your contest!!


Yes, exceptionnal animal. I have publish many article about Mantas, as this old one :


Aside from times I've visited aquariums I've only ever seem them from above the water. They look really majestic :)


They are very majestic and unfortunately due to fishing pressure becoming much harder to see in the wild.