A pleasant rainbow and.. My first post on SteemPeak!

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I had heard of SteemPeak a lil while back and had been meaning to try it. And after talking to a friend who had good things to say I did.
I don't have much to say yet as I literally just signed up! Lol... So this is no review or anything really, however.. Upon first impressions.. It looks nicer and feels cleaner for the most part. I feel a little bit of lag on my keyboard typing for some reason but I'm fairly certain that's mostly because I'm almost out of disc space, though.. I didn't notice it like that on steemit so perhaps the UI requires a lil more something.

The main most important thing is the "notifications".. Wow.. How much of a difference that makes!
It's much more like Facebook now where you can easily look through things, and I haven't seen the icon light up yet, but hopefully it lights up whenever a new notification comes in! Either way I think it will make it a lot easier for me to respond to people as I've been struggling with that recently. I almost tried fast reply but just didn't quite get it, and.. I dunno what fast reply is like but was told it's similar, though to me I would liken it to Facebook notifications.

Pretty cool! I kinda doubt I'll go back to the old one at steemit.com. I have a feeling I'll keep using this. Though It's still too early to say for sure! Either way I'm liking this so far. :) I'd suggest giving it a try if you haven't yet. And now onto the photography!

IMG_1676 edited normal quality.jpg

I got this one a couple days ago and while I wasn't in the best place, I think it still came out pretty nice! I kinda like how the road is in the frame it's almost like you're driving into a really beautiful place. I think it's a pretty cool shot and I like it.

I almost thought there was a UFO or something on the right in the rainbow.. But.. I think it's probably just rain.. I'm guessing that for some weird reason that one was lit up yellow when the one right next it is white.. I just... Dunno why or understand it.. It seems like it should be the same color as the other drops, plus it's a bit longer of a streak.. Makes me wonder if it's something else? Maybe a bug? I dunno... Interesting though! The one below is unedited just to show the difference, sometimes a lil bit of editing can help a lot and the original was just a bit too washed out. Hope you enjoyed the images! These were filmed in Sedona Arizona, on the Elph 360.

IMG_1676 unedited regular quality.jpg

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Hèhè! That was quick!

Odd that you find it laggier! I find it much more fluid!


Lol. Indeed. And.. Yeah.. It might just be my computer, or probably is. I'm not sure.. It seems to be gone now. I guess we'll see.. It's a lil early for me to say as I just signed on. Could be something else or some other reason!


I forgot to mention, lovely rainbow shots!


Thanks! Glad to hear you appreciated the photography. :)


The thing I miss from steemit is the wallet dropping down people that you follow when you make a transfer. I don't trust myself to write the name correctly, so be careful when you use the wallet.


Good to know! Thanks for the info. I actually think that sounds kinda better in my opinion. It has frustrated me numerous times that I had to go follow someone to send them money, so.. If I don't. That's cool! And if there's not, oh well. I think the notifications are.. So helpful on this in comparison! I'm loving it! :D Now it really feels kinda like Facebook less like Reddit, but with a money making element. Cool beans! Thanks for inspiring me to look closer into SteemPeak!


No, it doesn't do mentions (yet)... But I'm sure it will come, but for the moment I'm still relying on good old Gina for that! Unless I turned it off by accident...

With the wallet, you never had to follow to do a transfer! I just preferred to, so I wouldn't accidentally send it to the wrong person!

Gorgeous shot...and perhaps a UFO too.

Wow! what a great shot! The road will take you under the rainbow and maybe to the pot of gold. Excellent composition!


Thanks! Glad you liked the image! And haha, that's a good one. Even though I've heard the pot of gold one so many times before, the road taking you there makes a lot of sense in this case! A good metaphor going on there!

A beautiful shot! If you are mining (like myself) you may have to stop while using SteemPeak :P BTW is it available to new folks on Steem or does one have to earn access? Hope you are well brother!


Thanks! Glad you like the shot. :) I'm a lil confused by the mining comment, not totally sure what you meant there. But to answer your question it's open to anyone.. It's sort of like busy.org which is another user interface similar to steemit but which has a lot more options.
The steemit inc team to my knowledge is focusing more on other areas than the development of their main webpage user interface, that annoys some, but.. Then you have those like those at SteemPeak which just go and make their own better version. Heh.

That's one of the cool things about steem. There's so many different apps and websites that are being created that tap into the blockchain, steemit the website is.. Just one small part of a huge web of decentralized programs. Anyways.. Here's the link if you wanna check it out! I think it's a lot better so far! Loving the notifications. https://steempeak.com

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