Walk With Me: Carbon Market

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When I won the Asus Zenfone Zoom on Asus PH contest entitled, See-Nic Philippines almost 2 years ago, the very first place that I tested the camera phone was in the busy and crowded streets of Carbon Market.

The name of Carbon Market was derived Cebu Railroad's coal depository, is considered as the oldest and biggest trade and commerce hub in Cebu.

It's one of the few places in Cebu that you get to find almost everything. Thus, it is the most famous market in the city, not only because of its size but to the variety of goods being traded and bargained.

Here are some of my personal favorites during that photography walk i had in Carbon Market.









Getting to Carbon Market

Getting there is just easy, you can either ride a PUJ which say Carbon, fare is around P7 or P8. If you are doubtful and wanted to be very sure, you can take a taxi or book a Grab ride. It pretty convenient but it wont cost you a bit though.

Nearby attraction to Carbon Market is the Magellan's Shrine and Basilica del Minore de Santo Nino.

Thanks for reading.

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I really want to develop my street photography techniques. But walking along Carbon Market gives me the chills. I get this paranoid feeling that somehow, someone's gonna grab my phone and run away with it. @wdoutjah do you always go photo walks around Carbon or Colon? Alone or with a group?

We always go there as a group. Strength in numbers hahaha. But its safer now compared before

@wdoutjah GSW? LOL. I wish I could join photo walks. I have tried in the past but I was mainly tagging along at that time.

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