In Which We Visit the Birdies

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Wild Florida (8).jpg

Wild Florida park has one of the most incredible aviaries I've ever been to! Dozens of macaws, cockatoos, pheasants, and lorikeets can be found in various locations throughout the park. You can even feed them.

This week residents can attend the park for free, so of course I took advantage of that to capture some of these amazing and colorful creatures!

Wild Florida (9).jpg

Wild Florida (13).jpg

Wild Florida (11).jpg

Wild Florida (14).jpg

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What a colorful photo shoot! I am always amazed by how colorful these birds can be. Those feathers look amazing. Nature is the best artist, that's my motto and you can see the proof here, how interesting the color selection of these birds is.
I'm a bit surprised to hear you can feed these birds. Are they giving visitors seeds to feed the birds or you can give them what you think it's best? how does that work?
Anyway, lovely shots, congratulations!


Yes, the aviary sells birdseed that you can use to attract the birds to you and they will come to you to eat. It's a really fun experience!


I know it is, I see small kids and adults as well in the local zoo feeding animals and having a lot of fun.

I'm in awe of someone who can catch so much character and detail in a bird's foot. And you did! Your last shot especially, with his weathered beak and quirky look made him seem just an inquisitive old man to me. I see so much photography on steemit (I am the official commenter-curator for @ecotrain) and very, very little captures the idividuality of the animal in the way you have done. Brava! Anytime you're in the Northenr Thai Burmese Border neighbourhood, hit me up for a coffee and a local guide to take you out into the jungles. :) Best regards from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Aww, I love the way you describe that shot! That made me smile.

I definitely hope to visit Chiang Mai one of these days, it's definitely on my must-do list. :-)


Bump it up your list & don't forget to hit me up for a coffee when you get here. ☕😍

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These creatures are so colorful as it seems like they just got painted. 😄
Nice clicks @laurabellamy

Happy to see that @curie curated this one.

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I definitely agree, it's amazing to see their colors! That's one of the reasons I love capturing them. :-)

Holy crap @laurabellamy these colors are amazing.
Did you use photoshop? You should do this professional :P


No Photoshop. I appreciate the compliment! I feel like wildlife really isn't my strong suit, but I also enjoy the challenge.

Piękne ptaki. Cudownie je uchwyciłeś w kadrze!!! Gratulacje!

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Nice shots you have in there. Their beauty was resonated by the skills that you have with your photography. These birds are the living testament that nature is an amazing world that comprises so many wonderful floras and faunas, which includes the birds. Aside from being an important part of the ecosystem, birds like these are undeniably magnificent which many people have taken a liking of it. Zoos can be a ground for the conservation of these creatures but I just hope that most of these birds are in the wild. They are better there. I just hope that many will take their part in the conservation and give value to this awesome living things.

With your photography, may it serve as an instrument to inspire the people especially the children to take care of what was only lend to us by God.

Cheers ma'am!

hi @laurabellamy, your photos are wonderful and they do honor to the beauty of these beautiful birds that with their colors compete with the colors of flowers! Are you a professional photographer or is this your hobby?
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us

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I love Macaws and have my own Blue and Gold one. I love it when the white around their faces changes to a pinky colour showing they are happy and excited. Some great photographs.

I'm a bird lover too. These are some really beautiful photos you've taken at the aviary! I have 2 different types of wild parrots that come to the feeders I have in my yard each summer, along with the regular visitors. I personally am amazed at the intelligence some bird species have, like the parrots & cockatoos and don't forget the lowly crows, (one of my favorite birds), and especially the ravens - they're known for doing some very intelligent things.