Morning walk at Bedok reservoir [3rd entry to Harbour / Yach club Photo fun contest]

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This is part of the series of photos from my weekend morning walk at Bedok reservoir. On this kind of pleasant weather, I couldn't resist going out and do a brisk walk. In this activity, I always make sure to bring my camera with me to take photos of the interesting views that I see along my way.


That one right there is a pigeon, who seemed to be lost in this part of the city. Most pigeons are found at the city center because they can get food easily from the open eating places like "Hawkers food center".


This photo series will also serve as my 3rd entry to @claudiaz's Harbour / Yacht club photo fun contest. If you want to participate, feel free to read it HERE


Thank you for viewing my post.


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All original photos by author using Sony RX1R with 35mm lens

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I love your photography combined with your diary. Gives me a smile everytime again. Beautiful 😊

Thanks bro, I always try to go out as much as I can. Although these kind of views can't match the ones that you have in your place, I still find it relaxing, away from my computer :) your photos are breathe of fresh air to me, that's why I visit your feed from time to time.

In my opinion we cant compare it. Because it is easy for me to show the nature in my pictures. What I love about you is that you often show us the nature moments in cities. Nature is everywhere and you succed to show it ❤

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nicely composed sir .I wonder if you had time then you could put some photo editing tutorials online.Whats say? It would be of great help.☺

Please check this post.if time allows

I still have much to learn too, by the time I learn enough, I will post about it for the community. Cheers!

I will look into the submissions later. Currently waiting to recover the VP.

P.s. follow the advise of the steemian in your post, what he said is correct. Keep it up & enjoy :)

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In the morning, jogging in places like this is really peaceful and relaxing. Your photos always comes with "interesting stories and great trips.

Thanks a lot :) Your photos are inspiring as well. Especially the one featured on last week street photography. Keep it up ;)

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