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Beurijuek, or better known as Bar-winged prinia (Prinia familiaris) is a type of Cisticolidae family cisticola birds.

This species is found in many villages, gardens, mangrove forests, and even found in many residents' yard. I myself even took this picture in front of my house.

Prina bar-winged is a clear prinia, 13 cm long and measures 8-10 g. The fur is white with yellow color underneath with a dim top and dark back and wings and dark white wing wings. The back is yellow and the tail is dark, with orange feet. Both sexes are similar and teens look like adults.

In 1821, American Naturalist Thomas Horsfield founded the Genus.

A molecular phylogenetic study of the Cisticolidae published in 2013 found that the rufous-vented grass babbler did not lie within the clade containing the other prinias. Based on this analysis the rufous-vented prinia and the closely related swamp grass babbler were moved to the reinstated genus Laticilla in the family Pellorneidae. link

In Aceh, this bird is a target for children, including me, when I was a kid. In addition we maintain, this bird is also very tasty if fried... Lol.

All of these images I took with a Canon 1300D camera, with a Tamron 70 300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Tele-Macro (1:2) type lens. Please Click on the image to view full screen, While to see the metadata please click the album : Album

Sources of readings :



Geuthat langka ka tijem nyan,, Than bereh neu foto,, Mantap

Hahah nyan keuh nyan... Awai selingka keuieng teuh dum ticem nyan

tapeugot mie sep mangat ngen burujuk,, meuseu na neu tume, wate neujak keunoe neu mee saboh, mangat tapegot mie beh,, haha

Bak bangka, kob hek tamita lawet nyoe beurijuek nyan...
Harus taseudia busu, nye bude angen di anggap teroris...😂😂😂😂

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wow!!! nice post.

Lagak bg.berijuk kop langka ka cicem nyan

Teurimong geunaseh... Iya, memang that lagka ka..

Bereh that cicem di aceh... Nyan padim yum sineuk...

Thanks.... Nyan hana mufom lon padup di publoe

Hahahahahaha..... Bereh... Bereh...

Hahahahahaha..... Bereh... Bereh...

Great pictures