Golden Hour - California Sunsets #160

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“Keep looking up! I learn from the past,
dream about the future and look up.
There's nothing like a beautiful
sunset to end a healthy day."
~ Grace Ogot ~

Some more Mother Nature Golden Hour magic.
Last night, January 18, 2020
from Santa Monica, California




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Beauty! Is she your friend or did you capture a random passer-by here? :)

Out in Cali, if you take a photo of someone, they demand royalties ;). She's my neighbor and I dog sit the french bulldog often.

Hahaha I believe it is true with those royalties, especially in L.A. :D Looks like walking that frenchie requires some decent work out :D Have a great day man!

Awesome pictures! That's Toast and Mac, right?

You are correct! Toast... also know as pig!!! It was a great evening and the lifeguards were cool with letting dogs come down to the beach.

I miss the Pig! That's a crazy dog, def not all Frenchie is she. She is more like a land piranha o)

Dude! Really... did that happen tonight?

Beautiful sunset indeed and you have such dynamic moment the girl and a dog, looks like they really enjoying the walk :)

Thanks you so much. Dynamic it was, especially with that little Frenchie dragging everyone!

I like the silhouette of the person with that breathtaking background @armentor :D

Thank you my friend :). Was fortunate to catch the right sunset for the silhouette!

Such a mixture of paint boxes and textures on this one. The sky is brilliant on the first one and I love how it is fighting for direction, but, it is the bulldog and friend on the other end of the leash that steals the show, or rather make the show.

What a wonderful night for a walkabout on the beach.

The second shot is stellar!! You do wonderful silhouettes! BTW... Who is walking whom? :)

Upped and Steemed ! Gotta take this beauty home!

!tip .20

To be honest, when I was looking at the photos I was shocked on how they came out, expecitlly the silhouettes and the Frenchie's, red vest!

Thank you as always :))

My pleasure! And you really need to more silhouettes! They really added so much to the landscape. Well you know, some. :)

Have a great night!

So very lovely! Wish I was there! 😍

Thank you. Was fortunate my friend and dog joined for the golden hour. Thanks for the TIP!

They provided great silhouettes!

I love the swirls on the top one!

That dog seems pretty powerful!

Thanks man! Great eye! That Frenchie was to be only 14 bls, and its 28 bls of muscle.... definitely has some other hound in it. She wrestles and retrieves like a Lab.

Awesome picture. Captures the moment perfectly.

Thanks man! One gets lucky sooner or later!

Wow. What a gorgeous sunset

Thank you :)

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