California Sunsets #91 ~ Rain Rain Go Away

in photocircle •  21 days ago

“Clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add color to my sunset sky.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore ~

Today the thunderstorms came early morning here in Los Angeles.
We rarely get thunderstorms, much less rain.
More rain coming this weekend...

However, the sky broke and gave us what seemed
like five different Golden Hours.
Here was tonight’s (Thursday’s) sunset from Ocean Park,
Santa Monicataken from 4:47pm to 5:22pm.

Which Sunset is your favorite?

Click image to view full size.




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Santa Monica Location Click Here

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Incredible sunsets!

I have reflected on every one of these since you posted it. I totally refuse to pick just one!!! Each and every one of them has something that makes it stand out and make a statement.

I am not sure how you got such amazing pictures all in one night, but, you sure did. Of course, those storm clouds really trumped the scene, even in the last two where the rays rained down sunshine.

Oh! You are such an over-achiever!!!

Upped and Steemed



Thank you so much. I'm lucky I live so close to such a place!


Yes!!! I am very envious, as is half of the populations of the US... the rest live there!


These photos are insane, like gallery quality man! You should show them in GT's place like he said on IG.


Dude. It was remarkable. GT does want me to show there, but I don't have the time!!!


I'll help you in prep and choosing the shots and all that stuff. Also know a few photographers that could help


I'm going to take you up on that! Let's talk this weekend when you come down to meet the NYC dogs.



Absolutely beautiful pictures, it is a great moment you caught, clouds, sun and sun rays breaking through them and such foamy crushing waves. Right time, right place!


It is amazing how the oceans give so much. I actually saw a man with his easel painting away. That gave me some assurances I was in the right place, right time!

The top is my fave, because I love the contrast between the light and the dark! All well done, Sir!


Yes, the contrast. Although chronologically that photo was the 4th, I led with it as it was my fav as well. first.

Wow these are so beautiful. What a great time you must have had to be surrounded by such beauty, and each so unique in there own way. Great!


As you know better than I, sometime you forget to click. The transition was surreal.

So beautiful and eye's pleasingly..


Thank you @davidad! Its good to have mother nature creating such beautiful sunsets.


You are welcome!!!

Each shot is epic in its own perspective always so beautiful


Yes... got lucky on that one! Thank you :)

Great captures!
My fav is definitely the first one just beacause the beautiful bold color. The capture with the bird is also superb. Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)

Rich afterstorm colors, perfect!

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Great captures!
My fav is definitely the first one just beacause the beautiful bold color. The capture with the bird is also superb. Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)


Thank you. Yes that first one is my favorite as well.

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So cool, Congrats!

Damn this is soo beautiful loved it. That views in all photographs is just outstanding. Here is also raining ❤😍