My Moment of Joy - the beauty of clouds - moment #3 - spreading joy for welcome wagon

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My Moment of Joy

Some time ago I thought about starting a series showing you the moments in my life, that are full of joy! There is plenty!

And now ... here it is! No.3

I love clouds. Watching the clouds walk by is pure joy for me. The sky filled with clouds is like a never-ending movie. Entrance Fee: FREE! No matter where I travel I watch the clouds. I watched the clouds in mid of the desert, sitting in the warm sand dunes.

Or like here on my selection of photographs:
Malta - West Africa - Germany

Cloudy days in my life are some of the best days ever. Why? I love challenges in life, that hold the opportunity to learn and grow. There is always sun behind the clouds. Even if we cannot see the sun. The sun is there! Hiding behind the clouds. It gives me strength and certainty, that life is, just like the sky, a never-ending movie.

... to be continued with moment #4


We do not remember days, we remember moments.

by Cesare Pavese


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That third image is great. I love the colors in the sky in it.


This was an evening in Germany with lots of pinkish reds in the sky. I love that one too although is it only a quick shot with my smartphone. I am not a professional photographer at all, more a writer, but love these special moments kept as a picture :)

I've always thought you live in the heart of enchanted kingdom. Bliss for the eyes to see.


So true and it really feels like that :) 🧜‍♂️

very beautiful city


Thank you very much, indeed it is, the sky is amazing pretty when we have clouds ... which happens not to often unfortunately :)


yes thank you for responding

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Thank you very much for this. Steemitboard is such a great project!

Beautiful! And it is nice to see that the @strongtower vote is right at the top of the pack! hehehehe I only wish it was worth more so I could bless you more! :)


There is a German saying ... "constant dripping wears the stone" in a sense ... "little strokes fell big oaks" ... small or big ... this does not matter ... the love that is in it, that matters <3

Oohhh!! We have the same sentimens on clouds! They gorgeous right!

And did you know, when the sun is tired the clouds came to rescue and allowed the sun to hide behind him so the sun can get a little rest... hahahaha that was just me talking out loud! 😂🤣

Awesome cloud gallery you have.. i love the first one with the view of the city! Its oerfect for a city landscape!! We dont have much of it here for I live in the province..

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I am so much the same ... clouds are so beautiful, yes ... !!! Yeah the city landscape is on our island ... we all consider this something like L.A. :) I am thankful we don't live there ... it's nice for a visit but I prefer my little tiny village :)


Same here!!!!!! 😍😀...I dont wanna live in crowdy cities! I just want to drop by and visit the city once in awhile. I cannot compete with their lifestyle and rush hours..

But i love the sub.urbs.. life is so laid back, you dont need to rush into anything. Plus, the beauty of nature are mostly found here. We need the peace and quite.

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Definitely, agree 100% ... this is what I love, visit the city from time to time, that's enough for me.


visit the city and go on shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

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I love your formatting! You have created something unique and pleasing to the eye. Then, of course, your post is wonderful. I completely relate to the appreciation of cloudy days. I also love those type of days; the sky is completely dramatic and full of possibilities if you are willing to sit back and daydream.


Oh yes, clouds are so amazing, Ren.
I remember me sitting in the desert until evening, a whole day just looking at the clouds and the sand dunes. So calming.
Next day I wanted to return and again enjoy the clouds, but there were non :) I think there are not so many cloudy days in the desert :)