Scape photos - Winners of the last week

Shutting down...
Here's the announcement of the last Tuesday winners!

Hi all! 'Scapes' time, it's Tuesday!

Sad news... Pilot weeks are over. It was a nice experience! Insufficient funds, I'm shutting down. I will close all the open challenges with the prizes as I've done normally but I won't start new ones. Thank you very much for the support, for your participation, it was a pleasure playing with you. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to run a daily contest without a sponsor. But don't worry! I might be back! ;-) Keep sharing your amazing photos!

Congratulations to the winners!

by @olivia08 - Entry post

by @phortun - Entry post

by @marc-allaria - Entry post

by @yangyanje - Entry post

by @barski - Entry post

Each winner gets 0.5 Steem.

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I am so sorry you decided to shut the contest down but honestly, I was expecting that... Giving away 2.5 Steem every day while earning literally few cents was absolutely unsustainable. Thank you so much for hosting it though and hopefully, you will be able to find a sponsor next time :) It was fun!

Beautiful pics. Your ability to gather beautiful shots from the steemit community is very valuable. I hope that Providence brings you back to the table a sponsor.

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Sad you had to close... :(
I just found your contests and was going to participate. Anyway, all the best to you and your next venture... Cheers!

I wish you success! Thank you so much, it was nice to participate in your contests. You can continue them without funding, transfer them to the category of challenge. Reduce the demand for one tag, and, support only a small part of the voice, as many other organizers of photochallenge do.
I will continue. After some time, a sponsor can see your name as an organizer and come out with a proposal for cooperation.

Oh !!! Happy to be one of the winners, and sad to be one of he winners of the last contest... I hope you will be back soon with a sponsor. I organize also a photo contest (#seaphotographycontest) with my own funds. Hard...! I wish you the best.

I will surely miss your contests @photochallenge

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