ThrowBack Thursday Photo Challenge!!!! Post Your ThrowBacks In The Comment Section

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Year: 1993

Age: 9

Location: Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania

Here's a pic I found from 25 years ago!!! Wow crazy how time flies. I actually remember this trip. We used to go up to P.A. every year. I miss those responsibility free days. I'm sure most of you do as well!!!!!

Leave a throwback pic in the comment section or make a post!!!! Use the #photochallenge tag and let's make it popular!!!!!!

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Thank you for captured such fantastic view, very acceptional photography i appreciate.

You look cool buddy.

Here! Me at 6 months old 1992



Hahaha you was a chubby baby!!!


You need to see how thin I am these days, the blessing of being a baby🤓😁😁😁

Wow.I didn't know you are such a big deal on Steemit @mrviquez! :D
Great Job!

This is Hume Lake CA 1980. I'm on the right striking a pose.VV
1980 hume lake.jpg

Whats with the pants?!?!?!


A white sweater at the campground?!?!
So many questions.


yeah man them pants are a no no!!!! lol

Interesting proposal @mrviquez and very familiar. I will try to participate.
Good vibes.