Food/Fun/Action Friday - Hosted by #photochallenge !!

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This was on our trip to Koh Karden island in the south of Phuket , Thailand one amazing white sand beach with blue crystal blue waters and lots of sunshine and i think it's the surrounding environment and the vitamin D that makes you feel like you are some Kung Fu times :)



Category : #photochallenge

Camera : Sony TX10



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Thank you @esteem for your support :)

This is awesome shot! Wow.
Who is the kung-fu master? Is it you?


Haha..thank you my friend i wish it was me :)

Everybody wants kung fu fighting...
Great nicely timed shot.

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Haha..thank you it was sometimes when you don't plan it turns out well :)

hahahaha really funny... hope this time, enjoyed very much.

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Thanks it was a fun day :)

Goodness! You are king fu master!!

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  ·  27 days ago (edited)

hahaha! that's a terrific shot sir hangin! wow, how many times did it take to get that one?
The expression on the other guy's face is perfect! who is that? I thought you only hung around with beautiful women? lol.


Haha...he is a good friend of my he teachers in university over here. It's actually one click of the camera where it takes 60 shots per second fast shutter setting :)


oh fancy smancy photo man! lol..well it worked great and you both did perfect.


Well thank you sir janton :)