PhotoBomb Challenge #27 - Entry #1 @fibra59

PhotoBomb Challenge #27 - Entry #1

Again! It's time for me to crack my head for the photobomb challenge!

Thank you @fibra59 for organising this photobomb challenge! Thank you the judge of this week @tsnaks.


This is my yoga hush puppies trying hard to yoga with the ladies.

Thank you again to @fibra59 for organising this fun challenge! Also thanks to judge of this week @tsnaks.

How to support or join the challenge?

RULES of PhotobombChallenge

For this contest a photobomb is considered a valid entry when you use the provided image and insert it into a picture of your choice to make it look funny.

  • Title of every entry must contain "PhotoBomb challenge # - Entry #"
  • First tag of post must be #photobombchallenge
  • Each user can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge

Please click to view the details of the #monthlyauthorchallenge by @future24 Welcome to participate! It's a great initiative!



HAHAHa! So cute! Sure win!

Hahahaha thank you for the compliment! Pretty babe~

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Wakaka,too funny XD

Thank you!! Happy to hear you again!


哈哈哈 谢谢观赏!

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is this real picture @pizzapai? it does look to hilarious to be true :D

Lolll it's photobombed contest.. so it's edited by me to participate the contest. Thank you for dropping by!!!!
Too proud of it!!! 😂

I've never heard this expression before. What "photobombed " means?

Cheers :)

They provide a sample photo, then we paste to any photo we like to make it funny!! Lol
It's fun!