Photo52 2020 Challenge! Week #3 - White.

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It's Week #3 of the Photo52 2020 Challenge, hosted by @wwwiebe via the @photo52 account. The prompt for this week is -- white -- and I had a hell of a time trying to find something! 😅


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🌼 My neighbour has some lovely white roses. But I would prefer to take such a thing with my currently-non-existent macro lens. Also, the few that she has aren't very picturesque at the moment.

🎅 We still have some homemade Christmas decorations up -- white snowflakes, covered in glitter, hanging from the ceiling because we're in Summer at the moment and that was the closest to a "White Christmas" we could manage.

☁️ Clouds. Clouds. CLOUDS!

I wasn't very inspired.

Until I rummaged around the house and tried to set up my own little mini photo-shoot thingy.


Usually I have everything set to auto, but I manually focus on things. Today I tried playing around with settings and just basically fiddling around with my camera, trying to be creative with it.

It's upside-down, but I like it.


The main subject is a sterling silver tiara with amethyst embedded, that I originally had made for me from an Etsy shoppe about three years ago.

Elvenstar Design:

Her items are absolutely amazing. Magical. Fantastic! If I had a lot of money, I'd buy half of her inventory at least. Beautiful.


Oriented correctly. 😉

I've only worn it once, on the day I received it. One day there might be a special matrimonial occasion in which to wear it but for now it merely sits upon my jewelry box, looking fancy.

And I need to obtain some silver cleaner to make it look more fancy at some stage.

For the day it will have a purpose. 👰😊



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Photos courtesy of me, @kaelci, using a Nikon D5000 with 55-200mm lens. Tiara by the aforementioned Elvenstar Design.


That's brilliant! I personally also enjoy setting up small photoshoots in the house with whatever I can find. I think it turned out great!

Thank you! 😀 This was my first time setting up a dedicated photoshoot spot in an area that would accurately portray the white decor, the silver tiara, the off-white walls, and blend it all together with the 4pm sun shining through the window... it was a good experience! 😊 I'm very happy with how it all turned out.

Nice job!
I like home made studios :)

Thank you! 😊

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