Photo52 2020 Challenge! Week #2 - Something New.

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It's Week #2 of the Photo52 challenge! The theme for this week is Something New and I am excited to share with you something I've been waiting for since Christmas.

I'm not used to receiving Christmas presents and whenever I come into any money I usually spend it on something that the whole household needs, or spend it on my son. Last Christmas I was given some money with the explicit instruction to spend it on me and only me. It took me a few weeks of thinking what I could possibly spend it on.

I wanted to get things for the house. But I got told, "No."
I wanted to spend it on a fortnight's worth of groceries. But I got told, "No."

Finally I decided on a creative outlet. Painting! I made my order and received it today.


After reading several reviews and conversations on artist forums I bought Atelier Interactive pastels, black and white Liquitex paint pens, an art pad fit for painting, and two taklon paintbrushes. One for texture and one for my thick backgrounds.

I'm not very artistic but I enjoy painting. Just like I'm not a very good photographer but I enjoy my camera and taking photos of things. 😅 It's a learning experience.

Most of my paintings are pretty simple. I enjoy blending colours into a thick background then going over it with random patterns. They suit my tastes and my family likes them, though are probably considered simplistic to a proper artist. 🙂

The last time I painted was a year or so ago. It had a thick black and red blended background with black and white patterns all over it. It was not the easiest for me. I was trying to paint my patterns with a very low quality paintbrush and it didn't work out quite like I wanted.

Hence my excitement to obtain these paint pens!! 😁


They're beautiful. The black one in particular is amazingly smooth. The white one... eh, I wouldn't write home about that one. The white one requires you go over things maybe five or six times before it becomes visible, but the black one is perfection. I can see myself using these things a lot in coming months.

I mostly whipped this little thing up to quickly test out the pastels and the new paint pens, and my son likes it so I guess it'll be in his room soon enough.


Tada! 👩‍🎨🎨

Test-painting; complete! Apart from the white paint pen being a bit irritating to work with, with constant over-coats, I'm very pleased with my Christmas present to myself.

Now to wait for my son to go back to school so I can actually have some time to myself, gather some patience, and create something wonderful.



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Thank you for stopping by! 😊


Photos and artwork courtesy of me, @kaelci, using the aforementioned paints and a Nikon D5000 with 55-200mm lens.


Way to go for all the "No" you received! Presents are not supposed to cover everyday needs. They are meant to be the little extra that spices things up! I think you did a great choice and I like a lot your test painting, it gives me a very happy vibe :)
Looking forward for the next!

And your photos are great too :)

I'm glad that it gives you a happy vibe! :D Thank you. :)

I really had to be told, "No." a lot, haha. I'm not used to spending anything on myself and we really need some new cookware in the kitchen. But I'm happy that a proper gift came out of it! :)

This is indeed an awesome present, nice! Looking forward to more of your paintings then?! hehe

I am! :D Looking forward to the end of the school holidays so I can steady my hand and focus 100%. :)

Thanks for the follow Kaelci...

No worries :) always looking for active interesting people to follow!

Awesome! That's a fantastic way to spoil yourself. And by no means should you sell yourself short; if you're painting, you're painting! And that's what matters. :)

Thank you for entering #photo52 week 2!

It is! I like painting, puts me in my own little peaceful place for a few hours. Helps that my family likes the end result too. :) They won't be horrified when I frame a few things and pop them on the wall. Hehe! xD

That’s such a great painting. You certainly seem artistic!

I’m looking forward to your next one!

Thank you! :) I'm glad you think so. My partner says I don't give myself enough credit, but compared to the artists on Steem... I can't compare.

Welcome to Steemit, too! :D Just saw your introduction post.
I've just thrown you a small delegation so you can interact a bit more on the platform - hope it helps a bit! :D

Luckily, art isn’t a competition 😆 I’m not the “best” artist out there by any means, but I am the best at making art in my voice!

You work is beautiful, you have a wonderful understanding of color and contrast. I hope you don’t sell yourself short!

And thank you so much for the welcome and the delegation, that’s really kind ❤️

No worries, I hope you enjoy your time here! :D

up! wish your 2020 would be creative and intresting, and challenging -- only in a good way.

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