Steem Powered Shed- A Constructive Update- The U.S.S. Minnowprize!

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After days that feel like years, we have nearly completed the "easy to assemble" shed!


Truly, this is false advertisement at it's finest. To say that this was easy to assemble is to say that the Kobayashi Maru is simple to pass.

Admittedly, the hardware is minimal, and the panels snap together making it easier to sinch everything into main pieces. Getting those main pieces into one piece that resembles a shed? Not as effortless.

It has taken three people well into the night for a week to get to the point we are at now!

A lot of the efforts were hindered by having to construct at night with only two light sources available. Also, some of the crew was picked up by mosquitoes the size of small dogs and had to be retrieved. The frantic itching and slapping of bugs tend to slow down construction.

But we can now see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Or is that a flood lamp?

Only three steps remain until this project is finally completed!

  • Lay down the flooring
  • Attach the doors
  • .. Move it onto the floor.

The last step will be the one that makes or breaks (perhaps literally) this project. The entire assembly sits at around 80 kilos/176 pounds. It isn't necessarily heavy, but it is awkward and there appears to be little area to grip save for possibly picking it up from the bottom and moving it overhead like overzealous ant people.

It will at least make a fun spectacle for the neighbors!

Upon completion of the roof last night, we noticed that some of the local fauna have already begun to make it their home!


And getting a bit too comfortable, I might add. I've never seen a mating pair of grasshoppers before!

This morning, we also had to chase a cat out of the structure before he decided to mark it as his own with very potent smells.

They already made the sanded foundation into their personal litter box, which we have to attend to before putting the structure in its final resting place. A shed that smells like cat poop is not the kind of shed we are aiming for.

In an aesthetically pleasing update: Seeds and bulbs were planted at the beginning of this project and within days baren potting soil has become..


Incredibly alive!

Wish us luck, fellow travelers! For tonight, we move a shed!

Hopefully, the crew survives and emerges with as many fingers and toes as they started with!

We hope you like what we brought to the Blockchain today! Please leave your comments and feedback in the comments, we love to hear it!

Stay tuned to our page for Microscopic Mondays, drone shenanigans, poetry, 360 VR footage, 3D prints, and the occasional chuckle!

Much love, @sammosk and @stitchybitch! <3

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Its a she shed.

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