Power of nature.

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Today the thermometer showed me 32 degrees Celsius (in the shade), but last days of May were very rainy.

At one point the rain began to rain so much that within a few hours, the rivers raised their level significantly, and began to threaten the inhabitants.


During normal rain.


After several hours of rapid rainfall.


The streams came out of the shores, cutting off the residents' access to the houses.


The concrete banks at the waterfalls protected the river banks from damage.


In places where the river bank was not regulated, the losses were much bigger.


The largest waterfall in the area looked really scary.


The amount of water and the roar of a waterfall make an impression.

Such a large amount of water destroyed the bridge, which was just set over the river.



Nature is beautiful, but we must be humble to her majesty.

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Niby taka mała rzeczka, a ile mocy niesie :P

Wystarczy kilka godzin mocnego deszczu i zmienia się nie do poznania.