A Photo Called "Winter"

in photo •  last year  (edited)

400033_2989445018205_338612075_n winter.jpg

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Lovely picture! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

My pleasure. Thank you!

This photo was taken very well. It was very winter and it was very expressive.

Thank you. I didn't think it would turn out so good, but thankfully it did!

My friend, you are really lucky to keep its beauty through the lens. It feels great. I hope you can take more beautiful photos.我的朋友,你真的很幸运通过镜头保留了它的美丽,那感觉很棒,期待你能够拍摄到更多美好的照片。

I'm expecting a photo of a very snowy place. I'm such a stupid brat am I not?

There is snow in the photo. The road is just plowed :).

childhood winter

Loving the pictures and CONTENT! Keep it up :))

Thank you!