Frogs around the house™ (Declined Payout)

in photo •  17 days ago 

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Buenas noches amigo @overkillcoin deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia amigo. Ese sapo es raro tiene las mismas pintas de una culebra macaurer o la llamada aquí en Venezuela la traga venado. Que tenga un feliz dormir amigo.

Que lindas pintas la piel del sapo amigo,yo les tengo miedo,no puedo ver de cerca y siempre me llegan a la casa,mas en tiempo de lluvia,muy lindo trabajo,saludos buen amigo,reestem

Wow... That is some really cool looking frogs 🐸
I really like pattern on their skin... Almost a bit camouflage right 😜 lol
I wish I had visitors like that to. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week my friend 🤗💞

Good pictures! every detail of the frogs' skin is observed, in particular I like the first photograph because the shape of each spot of the frog looks better looks circular and then the legs are like stripes.

Pretty cool frawgz there! We have some of the first guy around here but the second one smuggling the stick looks pretty exotic.

Gotta stop being paranoid about your usual top notch animation, art and content and let us upvote your simpler stuff too dood!

Maaaaaan I was so sidetracked today I didn't even get a thumbnail or captions in... what fun is that???

The stick smuggler seems to be a tree frog, it jumped .5 meters at a time. :)