Nature macro photography - Florida

in photo •  9 months ago

Today, me and a buddy of mine decided to do a bike ride along some trails in Alderman's Ford Park, a conservation park that runs alongside the Alafia River in Hilllsborough County, Florida.

While cycling through the park, I was able to capture some shots using my Canon 80D camera.

The first set of shots are of a dragonfly that I was able to capture from sideviews and head-on:

dragonfly 1-3.jpg

dragonfly straight.jpg

dragonfly straight 2.jpg

dragonfly close-2.jpg

The next set of shots were along the side of the river and then one of the trails leading through the center of the park:

alafia 1.jpg

alafia 3.jpg

alafia 2.jpg

The next set of shots are of a spider that was resting upon it's web near one of the overhangs by the river:

spider 3.jpg

spider 1.jpg

spider 2.jpg

The last shot is of a butterfly flying above the grass line. Though it is a little blurry, the added shadow trail left in it's wake from moving so quickly while capturing the shot gave the image a cool look:

butterfly 1-4.jpg

What a beautiful day to spend in nature, not only checking out a beautiful park, but to spend it other living creatures is a day well spent.

One love,


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Web can be easily seen in the picture but the top one fly is just mind blowing..Keep up the good work.


@introvert-dime Thank you very much for the kind words. I got very lucky that the dragonfly didn't move while trying to capture it. The spider as well. As nasty of a creature as they are, their color variations are quite cool.

Wow, what a great capture of the dragonfly! Seems that it's a beautyful place to hangout.I always love these kind of peaceful places.Thanks for sharing with us sir.

Fantastic macro, super sexy.
I like it... Thanks @jgullinese

Beautiful clicks !

Nice photography brother, thank for sharing, hopefully your sucsesfull....🤗

Dragonflies are so fascinating!

Those dragon fly pics are great

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Love the work you do😍👌👌
If tou had time, se my work what I m doing.
Love to hear your opinion . Thank you
With love, @marjanko

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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

beautiful photos

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Beautiful pictures ... I love the dragonflies! See them so close in this photo, I can detail their delicate creation. Excellent! Thank you for sharing your great pictures of nature!

Poto all the same, just a different way to take it, this is one of the most amazing shooting

Great photos! I especially love the ones of the dragonfly. I've always liked dragonflies but I've never seen one like this before, up close and still. They always fly by so quickly it's hard to get a good look at them. I look forward to seeing more of your photos.

Hehe.. Spiderman
Can the spider bite ?

The first ones have that much high-quality that it almost make me believe it was a paint, amazing.

Those Dragonflie photos are excellent. Nice job. Up voted.

Wow... Such beauty
Can't stop admiring
Nice shots