Looks from the air: an opportunity to remember

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Window to the world

This group of photographs were taken on a trip from Caracas to Maracaibo and this time I do not share a story, but the beauty that can be seen from the window of an airplane.

Earth from the air

When you have the opportunity to steal a photograph, make it a lifetime memory.

Looks to the lake

The lake of Maracaibo is beautiful, it has an area of close to 13,820 km², which makes it the largest lake in South America and Latin America.

Near the bridge

Ships on the lake

These large vessels can always be seen in the lake of Maracaibo by the type of economic production that sustains the State, however this also causes foci of pollution in this beautiful paradise.

General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge

The General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, is a monument worth seeing with 8678 meters long and is considered the longest concrete bridge on pylons in the world, a show.
I'm not from Maracaibo, but I can not help but get excited every time I see the point on the lake.

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot


When you like to take pictures like me, you do not miss the opportunity to take pictures and being able to capture these images from the air was like a great adventure. Before concluding I share this thought, which I leave in my publications:

If a photograph steals a smile from you, then that is its value, the rich feeling it provokes.

I invite you to cheer up in the art of photography, in addition to share with me
What does the value of a photo mean to you?

As always I wait for your comments, to be able to share and get to know you a little more. We'll see each other soon, for the invisible friends who read me.
A photograph brings back memories that the mind can forget.
With all my affection: Angelica7

Twitter: @lmartinezmdl


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