Claim: Motorola's Foldable Phone Razr Will Be Expensive Even at Note 10+

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Motorola, which has achieved a good reputation throughout the world for its clamshell phones in the past, is working on a new foldable phone that adheres to the clamshell design. So far, no clear details are known, but a new claim seems to break the silence. Here is a new page about Motorola Razr likely to open leaks.
It's been a long time since I've heard serious details about the return of the Motorola Razr brand with a foldable phone. According to a new information shared on the subject after a long-term wait ends. It is said that the device is only a few months away from the US market.

The information was shared on the LetsGoDigital page. Information allegedly from an unknown source sheds light on the price of the device, which is likely to overshadow its features. The phone will be exactly $ 1,500 (8,600 TL + tax) . It is important to note that the new allegations follow the old allegations that the phone will not be a flagship . It is said that the new Razr will neither have a high-power processor nor a high-power battery compared to its competitors.

The Motorola Razr will come at the top segment price, although it is the middle segment:

Motorola relies on its modern clamshell design to attract buyers rather than top segment equipment. Although the exact size of the device is still unknown, recent scans show that the phone will have a huge screen, which will include a second screen showing notifications when the phone is switched off .

Although the phone seems to be able to keep nostalgia up to its peak, it seems to be behind its competitors because of the hardware and price choices, because if the leaked price is correct, the device will be sold for $ 400 more than the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Of course, we don't know exactly how powerful or expensive Motorola Razr will be at the moment. We hope that the coming months will shed light on the information about the device, because the phone seems to be eye-catching with its unlikely design.