Keep in mind to buy a new smartphone 5 issues

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today's pocket without a smartphone, like a ship without a compass. Not only for communication, you can start by taking photos, downloading or uploading any information, browsing the internet, with the help of smartphones. Even, you can charge other phones. Before buying a new smartphone, what are the issues to keep in mind, shout out from today's report- There are two types of smartphones available in the market, metal bodies and plastic bags. If you read the phone often from your hand, then you should buy your metal card phone at the eye. If you have the tendency to view photo editing, video, and movies, you should definitely buy 5.5 or 6-inch screen phones. The process of receiving the phone differs. If you use a lot of apps, edit photos and videos, or play a lot of games, the best for you is 'Qualcomm Snapdragon 652' or 'Snapdragon 820'. Whether the front or the back, the camera's megapixel increases the picture that would always be good to think it is wrong. So buy the phone at the time of purchasing the phone's ISO, pixel size, autofocus etc. Smartphone battery life depends on users. If you use the app on the phone during the halftime of the day, then you need the minimum 3500 MH battery. Using less than 3000 mAh battery is enough


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