Highway to 100,000 Steem Power | A Valuable Book to Unleash your Human Potential!

in philosophy •  3 months ago

Nope... I haven't forgotten my goal to reach a 100,000 SteemPower.

But it sure feels like it's gonna take a frickin' long time to reach there looking at the rate at which I'm going on Steemit!

I'm currently earning around a 7$ to a 10$ on a post. If I keep going at this rate, I'll have to post more than 5-6 posts a day to reach my goal sooner. But that will have a huge impact on quality. So I won't do it.

Seems like it's gonna take a really long time.

But, the time taken to reach my goal can be reduced, I think because I've found a treasure in the form of an E-Book.

Do you want to know what's this book I'm talking about?

So, this Book is authored by a man named Neville Goddard and it is called "The Power Of Awareness".

I found and read it thoroughly yesterday and observed that much of the things I found in the book were common messages from the Bible and the Gita. Also, if you've heard of the Law Of Attraction, the teachings from that are written here too.

Looking at the past circumstances of my life, I can say that, your thoughts can actually manifest into reality. Because I've done it a countless number of times but being unaware of it.

Human potential is infinite. We are the creators of our own life. We often don't take this saying literally but it actually is true.

So, are you curious to read the book too and don't know where to get it from?

Don't worry, I've got you covered.

You can download it here: The Power Of Awareness

For best results, go through the book 2-3 times until it gets engraved in your mind.

To prove that this is actually true, I'll apply this to my Goal of 100K SteemPower!

Either my earnings have to go high on the posts, or something else will happen that will enable me to reach 100K sooner.

Do you think this will work?

If done right, I believe it will.

But I'll have to follow everything from the book correctly. Else, it won't.

I had shared this on FB yesterday so that my friends could benefit out of this Universal Law, but it didn't even reach more than 2 people I think.

I hope it reaches many more here on Steemit!

Kindly Resteem it to your friends if you found it helpful so that it can benefit them too!

Let's spread positivity guys!

Cheers :D

100,000 Steem Power, here I come!


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That's quite a goal you set. Let's make it happen.


If I get support from y'all, I'm sure I'll reach there. Thanks for the support man!
Btw do read that book I mentioned. :)


I already downloaded it


Great. Your life's gonna change drastically today onwards ;)

How you did your first 1 000 SP?
Cool, I don't like law of attraction. Awarness is easy - quastion yourself "What am I doing now? Do I want it? "


By constantly posting quality articles. In the initial days, quality content was being valued. Now things seemed to have been changed a bit in here.

I don't like law of attraction

Why not?

quastion yourself "What am I doing now? Do I want it? "

Yeah. But in the chaos, we normally keep forgetting to ask ourselves those questions every now and then. We need to master the art of not forgetting to do it.


Why not - because I believe in chaos. We leave in the world with predetermined rules but not predetermined future. Your thoughts is your processor. You have input and output. Between input and output we have sometimes thinking process. This process will change your output - actions.


If you keep believing in chaos, your life will forever be in chaos.
So better to change your thinking for a happy living ;)


)) hope not