A Parable of a Parable

in philosophy •  5 months ago 

One day a bloke walked into the place in town where his community stored its social capital.

He saw changes had happened to his culture and now that social capital had been replaced by another sort of capital.

He saw the danger here of this new capital.

Because of the illusion this capital creates.

It has the ability to distort the self perception of those who get trapped by its illusion.

When he tied to tell people of the writing he saw on the wall about the dangers with this cultural shift.

Those already entrapped by the illusion and smitten by the intoxicating effects that distort one’s self perception had to stop him.

They kill him in the most humiliating way they could think of.

And now the whole system of things operates under and is driven by that self distorting illusory concept we call money and the market economy.

It's even still run by the same ethnic minority that killed him.

Luckily he had the nous to give those with ears to listen and eyes to see a heads up on how to avoid getting caught up in the illusory state of things.

One is to be in the world yet not of the world.

For many years I have contemplated on this esoteric advice.

While trying to understand how to maintain integrity of self while developing my whole life in a system of things that was so corrupted.

Such a corrupted system, that it is used to facilitate the perversions of those who are drunk on the intoxicating illusion that distorts self with a sense of entitlement.

That entitlement seems to me to be one of power over others.

Walk a little in my shoes please.

Every step through an unbelievable scenario of being snatched from your home as a prepubescent child by the very structures designed to protect the vulnerable in our society.

Forced as a child while in custody of the state into the most deprived environments and exposed to perverted distortion for years.
Then years of drug addiction, prison and living on the streets with social stigma closing any exit from my situation.

I finally reach a stage of my experiencing life that I have a chance to sit and take stock of just where I am and how I got here.

Are you still in my shoes?

I honestly don't think so.

This distortion has permeated throughout our social institutions to a saturation point where it's obvious to those with eyes to see.

Of those that get that lust for power over people they will often target the easiest and most vulnerable to sate their needs.

And they do it in the most perverse way to derive the most sense of power over another human being from the situation.

It's this type of person that is embedded in our social structures.

Because those structures are built with and supported by that intellectual concept that has the capacity to distort human behaviour.

I'm sure you see what I mean.

Our police forces are a prime example.

Give someone a gun and a sense of power over people and you watch it distort the self perception of those who don't understand the investiture of responsibility for others.

I'm just sharing the way I see things hoping I can add something helpful from this unique vantage point that it seems can only be reached by the path I've taken.

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