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RE: Gun-Senryaku or The Flock of Birds’ Behavior

Ha I loved volleyball as well.

I had the pleasure of working on some phenomenal teams in different situations and it really is true that a great team is more than the sum of its parts. I think some of it is the teammates setting other teammates in a position to shine. Its like being able to build off of their parts.


When I used to manage I didn’t ask people “where do you see yourself in five years”. That’s HR wank.

I asked them “if you could now chose your position (or project) in two years... what would it be”. After that, if I thought that fitted in, or could improve our roadmap... the task was mine to create that role and give the team member the opportunity to achieve what they hoped to achieve. If I couldn’t imagine making that happen... I couldn’t deliver them an ideal environment to thrive in.

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