Illogicality: A Christian But Not A Church Goer

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If you tell anybody you are going to church or coming from church, it is believed that you are a Christian. But if you tell people you are coming from a place of worship, they might want to ask you where exactly to be sure whether it is mosque or church. Also, if you mention a place of worship on a Sunday morning or noon, many people will assume you mean church. So my point is Christians are known for going to church and worshipping in the church.

Christianity is a religion that is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. This does not mean that the religion focuses only on the things that happened during and after Jesus Christ but also teaches the things that happened before Jesus.

A church goer, by definition is someone who goes to church regularly. A Christian on the other hand, is that person who believes and follows the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Now, what makes someone a church goer but not a christian or a christian but not a church goer? I am raising this question because some of my friends often defend themselves when the question of a church goer is raised. They feel it is negative and doesn't speak well of them to be regarded as church goers. So they prefer being called Christians only.


This is an instance of the outright denial of Christianity being a religion. If you ask some people, they will say Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. Perhaps, they need to know the ingredients that make something a religion or not then see if Christianity meet all these requirements or not.

These people who think being a church goer doesn't speak well of an individual need to tell us if one can be a christian without going to church? That is, is it possible to call yourself a christian but you don't go to church?

A church goer means someone who goes to church regularly and going to church regularly is what the pastors these day preach. They believe this will take you closer to God.

It should be noted, however, that the idea of Christianity literally suggests church and the idea of church suggests Christianity. So if you are a christian and goes to church regularly, you are simply a church goer (by the definition above). If you deny being a church goer, then you should also deny being a christian because the idea of Christianity without church is absurd.

Thanks for your time. Your boy @smyle the philosopher.


This post got me thinking tho! Thanks for sharing

Church is necessary in the life of every christian. A church is simply a gathering of believers that shares, comforts and encourage each other. Though christianity is a personal race, that doesn't deny the fact that Christians need one another for encouragement, sharing of the word, material and spiritual support etc. A Christian that forsakes the assembly can easily fall without knowing but when you're always in the midst of the brethren,you would always want to watch yourself and easily be called to order whenever you're wandering off track. Going to church is a necessary part of being an effective christian on Earth.

Nice one, as always. But for me, a christian can be a church goer but a church goer is not a christian. What should make him a christian is the belief. If he doesnt believe, of what use is it then? Jesus said "you are my disciples if you obey my commandment" so believing and obeying is needed. These two, a church goer lack. They publicly declare that they know God but their heart is far removed from him. Not judging, anyways

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