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The problem with discussing religion - any religion - is that it is based on dogma’s, things you have to accept, just because the religious leader of the religious book says they are true. This leaves little space for active discussion and argumental talk.

In my opinion, beliefs and religion are two different things, since religion has been created with the idea of power behind it.
(Gosh, this is a hard topic to discuss in a language that is different from your native language. :0/ I guess I’d better stop here, because there’s do much I want to say concerning this topic, but I’m probably going to use the wrong expressions and cross along the wrong feeling)


Why did you stop? I'll really love to hear evrything you have to say. I was enjoying it.

Lol, I get insecure talking about topics like this one in another language. Also, it’s hard to answer the questions you’ve put there, because there are a lot of contradictions in my head.

I was raised with the idea that tolerance was the most important value in the world. Just before she died, my mum Finally realized that there is a limit to being tolerant. Some things are simply unacceptable.

I do believe everyone has the right to believe what he or she wants, but like you say, those beliefs often include unacceptable things.

If every ‘believer’ would stick to the basics of his belief - the ones that existed before religion came along - the world would be a beautiful place to live in: peace, charity, respect, forgiveness ,... those are the basics of every single one of the biggest religions in this world.
But then there were some guys who thought they could empower themselves and become the ‘representative’ of those beliefs, tricking all those lost souls (I do believe you can only accept dogma’s when you’re lost or don’t know any better).

I agree that ‘you don’t respect my belief’ is indeed a sort of blackmail. Just like ‘you’re a racist’.
Those are sentences to hide behind if you don’t want - or can’t - have a rational disussion about things. Many people are so brainwashed, they can’t think for themselves anymore. If you confront them with the fact that some things simply don’t make sense, you’re actually taking away everything they stand for, everything they believe in, everything they áre.
There simply isn’t a good argument to give that explains killing gay people, stoning women etc...
it’s just what they’ve been taught. It’s ‘normal’ to them. Their grandpatents did it, their parebts do it... no questions asked.

And that’s exactly what I think makes religion dangerous: the ‘no questions asked’ part.

Wow. Nice statement you've put up here @simplymike . The fact that religion thrives on faith i.e acceptance without questioning, is enough to show how evasive it can be.

If you're a lady, I'd kiss you right now.


My guts tell me that you have a lot of relevant information about the topic.

Please continue.

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