Thank People For Opposing Your Views

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I discuss some of the philosophy of Alan Watts that I reflected on from yesterday and why you should thank people for opposing your views.

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Finally someone who see's it like I do. It's really hard here to find people who want to agree to disagree and disagree to agree and come back on another day and see if we can come together on something. I was so disappointed when I first came here and ran into a couple people who just plain said don't come back on my site or else. I am with you all the way, it much healthier all around for the blog a sphere if we can all be heard whether we agree or not on something, it crucial for the success of any platform. Just today I got called a real Eeyore and why do I keep posting here when all I do is complain....stating your point of view on here is often taken as complaining.

Yeah that's true, an interesting way to silence people from talking about something problematic and or controversial, you say stop complaining.

indeed, I usually try to upvote them, without them I wouldn't have anyone to argue with and I would get bored.

Haha yeah fair enough

I tend to do that myself most times. Trying to convey to them we are just sharing differing views on a subject it's not that I will always think differently on a subject they post or are there to argue. Up voting them actually says to them I can see your point also.

Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

Sometimes I think that's what's needed.....divine

Thank People For Opposing Your Views @scottcbusiness
well said

Cheers :)

you right I prefer have a palette of a lot of colours for choose than only 1 single colour XD

exactly you'd get bored if everyone agreed on everything always


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