Are We a Result of Karma, Fate or Luck? What do you believe?

in philosophy •  10 months ago
Do we live in the hands of fate? 
Does destiny evolve from our actions?
Do we create our own luck?

Life is full of questions that we will probably never know the real answers too...but it doesn't stop ustrying to find the answers.

One of the most philosophical questions in our lifetime will be 'Why are we here, or what is our purpose?'

but do we really have one?


Is everything down to the hands of fate?

My belief is not, but if it is then that would mean that a higher energy would have a purpose for you. If you believe this, then what would be your purpose here in life?

Here is today's topic of discussion


Are we reaping what we sow?

The word karma is tossed around in conversations more than pancakes in February! But is it a thing? Do you believe that we are a direct result of our behaviour in this life...or the last ?


Do we create our own luck? 

Does it matter if we are good, bad or predicted to be a certain way if we can get what we want? Do you believe that if we want something enough we can create that 'something' in our lives ?

For me the theory of karma is an interesting concept, I am not sure it is a firm belief, but I am not opposed to the idea. I do believe we can attract what we want in life and because of this, I do not think we have a 'fixed' fate.


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what we do is the result we get..

I believe in Karma... get what you put into this universe but it starts with, "what you put in"