Mystery in the Glitches in the Matrix (video/podcast)

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When many educated people in developed nations hear about an unusual event, something paranormal, supernatural or just plain weird, will always say "I'm sure there's a simple, rational explanation." And for most events, there are simple rational explanations. However, if you examine evidence of weird situations, sooner or later you will find something that you cannot explain.

Redditors on the Glitch in the Matrix subreddit like to share and analyse many such cases, thinking about odd occasions where it seems that someone stepped into another reality, or when time skipped, going forward or backward an hour, when someone dreamt exactly what would happen, or even where a person got caught up in a scenario where they almost certainly would die - only to find themselves instantly transported to a safe place kilometres away, in a phenomenon known as "quantum teleportation".

After reading hundreds of these stories, it would be difficult for even the most hardcore skeptic to say that there's always "a rational explanation". It seems that maybe, we don't live in a sensible, rational universe. Maybe, this universe is more incomprehensible than we imagined, a mysterious place where little miracles happen every day.

Kurt explores these bizarre cases, and even more bizarre cases, in another reality-defying episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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The Paradise Paradox is a podcast where we talk about crazy ideas for open-minded people. We cover topics such as crypto-currency, technology, politics, economics, freedom, free-thinking, and psychedelic experiences.

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Great video Kurt, and I'm subscribed to that /r/ now :-)

The best one I can think of, a friend and I were in his girlfriend's car, moving pretty fast through curvy, forested-hill roads. The kind of road where there is a lane each direction, one of them almost scraping the up-slope side of the hill with it's mirror, and the other ready to go off the road and fly down into the trees if the driver sneezed aggressively.

As we came around a curve, may 5 meters in front of us was a caution sign about something in the road. Perhaps 10 meters past that was a metal plate, spanning the whole width of the road, a meter and a half wide and and tall enough that it looked like it would rip the exhaust right off the lowered Honda we were in.

We definitely did not have time to slow down much, couldn't avoid it, so I looked at him for a moment, turned back to the road, and just kind of let go, not touching the brake or gas, not pulling the wheel in any direction...

There was a brief instant of silence, no road noise, no wind, no engine, and it was in the rear-view mirror. No sensation in the car except stillness & silence. We had about 5 minutes to reach our destination; when we arrived we just looked at each other and one of us asked "did that really just happen?"


Wow... That is a really good one.

very interesting, once i dreamt a deep voice saying "dont stop thinking about tomorrow", then woke up straight after.. 1 to two seconds later my alarm went of, it plays the radio as my alarm , and it was the song, dont stop thinking about tomorrow, very odd indeed haha.. good times

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Video didnt play.......i want to see dat video ....


That's odd. Try playing it on the channel here:

Great idea for a an intriguing channel gentlemen ! Your content is valuable and makes me ashamed to realize I am not rediscovering my potential amidst & buried betwixt life's frustrations. You have my upvote and resteem.
STEEM On . . .

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

great to find you guys.. I plan to check this out.. upvoted

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Hey @paradise-paradox , would love to offer to come onto my podcast sometime.

It is all about entrepreneurs; what you are doing, believe in and what difference you are making in the world.

Here is the playlist:

It is audio only over skype. Does this sound of interest to you?


Sure, can you contact me on


I do not know how SteemIt.Chat works. Can you message me on there?

Are you on Skype?