The paradox of democracy.

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Democracy, by definition, is the power of the demos (people). The people of this entire population of the country endowed with the right to vote. In real life, the majority of them are inert, for the most part traditionalists and reactionaries. The reasons of this are age, education, culture and traditions in which they grew up. Because of this, people can not want the reforms that related to the sharp collapse of their way of life, the reforms connected with the change in the rules of the game to which they are accustomed.
“The people", of course, always want changes, but almost never want to pay the price for these changes.
According to this logic, the chosen "people," government can not carry out the will of the people, carrying out real reform. Progressive reforms are always the will of the minority: passionaries, visionaries, dreamers, adventurers. But as soon as these reformers came to power, they have only two options:
1 - abandon the real reforms and turn to populists. Put up with "the real will of the majority."
2 - to become the dictators of their progressive will.

Here is such a paradox!


So many people have thoughts on politics that make no sense to me. Our country has been reforming and changing since the constitution was radified. Its a push and pull between progressivism and reactionary sentiment caused by progressive change that people at the time didn't like. A reform happens, and that creates backlash, or a reform does not happen, and that creates a drive to reform which is satisfied eventually, and then there is another backlash.

Interesting post, I wonder how you feel about the role of career politicians in this system? Wanting to keep their job next term will certainly lead to a more populist alignment but do you feel this is in the true spirit of public office?

I think that the professional politicians by 99% solve personal problems. Improving life for people is not their primary goal. It always has been. It happens that people are obsessed with certain ideas come to power, but they are usually replaced professional politicians, for whom power is not a way to achieve the goal, the power for them it is an end in itself.
The real changes are taking place under the influence of historical processes and acts of ordinary people.

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