The pyramid of human thought (concious, beast, ego) part 3

in philosophy •  8 months ago 

Have you ever heard of compatibleist free will? it is the idea that absolute free will is impossible and that free will is limited to choosing between influencers , what is an influencer? it is a factor in human thinking such as a personality trait, habit, or type of thinking, the three tiers of conscious thought

the conscious, the beast and the ego are the ultimate influencers , for most decisions we will simply be choosing which of these to listen to one of these three.

The conscious is centered in the prefrontal cortex, the primary thought center and information processor, this influence on thought is best expressed as "I should" or "I should not", without the prefrontal cortex of the conscious all decisions would be made purely by our Lymbic influencers, the ego and the beast, individuals who are unbalanced with a concious more mature than there beast or ego are cold hearted and obsessed with knowledge, Joseph Mangela comes to mind.


The beast is an influencer best expressed as "I need" and often can't delineate between a genuine need and a simple desire or obsession and is centered in the lymbic system, it is the reason why habit exists this influencer has it's place but more often than not it misleads if listened to exclusively in fact an individual who is unbalanced with a beast more mature than their ego or conscious are more likely to form dangerous habit's, this is especially true for adults, examples of a beast like person in this concept are compulsive gamblers, alcoholics, smokers, and habitual liars (a.k.a career politicians).

The ego is an influencer best expressed as "I am" or "I want" or "I am not" this influencer is the sum total of our emotions and is critical to happiness and self worth but listened to exclusively can lead to egotism and narcissism, it like the beast is centered in the lymbic system and makes us prone to rhetoric and meaningless platitudes, being unbalanced favoring an ego that is more mature than a conscious or a beast is what got us these poor fools

(oh deer)

The balance is essential, and it is not sad at all that we are limited to being influenced by things such as these, we still have free will in that we can choose which to listen too! just be sure to pick the right one and be sure to nurture all of the three tiers of human thinking(also don't be an sjw).

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