The intellectual rebel questions everything

in philosophy •  10 months ago

The religious say "don't question god" The patriot's say "don't question the government" The police say" don't question the law" i say "why not?" the key to being you're own person and becoming truly great is simple, QUESTION EVERYTHING.
If someone says that something or someone is beyond question then that is precisely what you do question it, if it is right questioning it will only further prove that it is indeed right, however if it is wrong than questioning it will blow the whole thing open in time. If you're ideology is truly correct than you have nothing to fear from it being questioned, however if it is wrong or a lie it will be exposed, it is only a matter of time. placing something beyond question is a common and very basic tool of politicians, con men, and religious elite's seeking power. Knowing this and questioning everything is the best way to protect yourself from manipulation and the best way to start yourself on the path to knowledge, for example Johnny goes to church every Sunday, Johnny is also a patriot and a staunch supporter of the president himself, but Johnny is smart, he will routinely question his belief's just to be sure he is right. Johnny Ends up discovering that the former president was a lying war monger and that even the pastor at his church really didn't know much about some of the ideological flaws present in his religion, but rather than abandon these things all together Johnny first asks himself "why?, maybe there is a reason and maybe i can forgive, and if not i will move on" Johnny is wise to do so for it is the best way for anyone to truly learn the way of this world.

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