Fear and disgust of nudity a mental illness?, perhaps

in philosophy •  9 months ago

Allow me to play devil's advocate for a minute, why do we wear clothes? no seriously why?. your'e not born with clothes on ya know. If we are born naked then doesn't that mean we are supposed to be naked?, people speak as though nudity is unnatural or even sexual but is it really?, wouldn't make more sense if the opposite was true?, what about breast feeding, they make milk for you're baby and well their right there, it's nature's way dammit it is neither perverted nor gross to feed your'e baby, so can someone explain that to the fool's already?. what about nakedness in general..... clothing doesn't exactly allow you're various pours and and such to breath properly, and about the title of this blog yes....... well what other way is there to describe a behavior that leads to an unnatural choice such as the wearing of clothing but a mental illness, it's the teenagers and adolescents that are mostly self-conscious about nudity and sexuality, it's part of their development in a small number of region's in the brain but some people never grow out of this otherwise temporary awakening of sudden awareness, it's almost as if they are immature and still mentally teenagers which such can be a sign of mental illness, being afraid of or disgusted by our natural state of being sounds odd to me almost like a complex of sort's.
America by far is the most self-conscious and self judging, automatically associating nudity with sexuality, why don't Europeans think this way? is it subjective?.... yes, yes it is, we need to remember that a minority behavior will always seem insane to a majority behavior's perspective no matter what, even if that behavior is fundamentally correct. i guess what i'm trying to say is that you should question everything and i mean everything, if something is truly right than questioning it will only serve to further prove that it is indeed right, it only repel's you when it is wrong, welcome to my world and the way i think mwahahahahahahahaha.... but no seriously i support public breastfeeding and nude beaches and even naturist colony's if that is your'e thing, live and let live eh? but my final message for today is question everything especially the small "normal" things.

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