The cake Flowchart - Thoughts on Staying Motivated

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   I stumbled today on a post by @iamhbros , a well written post that addressed the issue of good articles and good bloggers getting tiny payouts and almost no views. It breaks my heart a little bit every time I find a great post being ignored, but I can’t say I don’t understand why this happens.

And this phenomena is best explained with the scientific world famous "Cake Flowchart"

the cake flowchart.jpg

Why am I talking about cakes?

   I’m going to assume my dear reader that you are not a cake hater, because if you are, you might not be able to understand my cake poetry. You see, in life we are always looking for the cake, for the hit, for the sugar rush that makes us smile, the instant gratification. Its normal, it’s completely understandable and as a matter of fact it might even be crucial to our very existence, but here lies a potential problem too, dormant among the icing. (badass pun right there, admit it)

The cake game is a short lived

   I don’t know how many times I’ve run across a Steemian that hit it big once, probably with a Curie vote and saw only pennies for the next 2 posts, only to call it quits right after. What happened? Well… you see, they got the cake, and it was delicious and it had all the artery clogging stuff we love, but then, just like that, we gotta eat the veggies, no warning, no weening off with a some sweets, nothing.


   It’s hard to come off the high. A new Steemian getting the $80 payout might be making plans for the paint job of his lambo, but what he/she might fail to realize is that those $80 bucks, that money, was just cake, cake is good, cake is delicious (anybody who says otherwise is a heretic) but it’s not real food!!!

Did I just Bash on Cake?

   Of course not, I guess my point is that if we want to succeed at Steem, or in life for that matter we gotta work on sustainable ideas, we have to find a way to eat our veggies more often.

My batman instincts tell me....


   That Curie is designed to give new Steemians some cake, to show a newcomer with potential what he/she could achieve, if of course he/she is willing to put in the work. Don’t quote me on the specifics but according to what I’ve read many curation guilds only help minnows, meaning if someone has above certain SP, or above certain Reputation, they will be ignored.

That's right! There might be no more cake for you!!!!

   And that’s completely OK, I promise you are going to be just fine. As a matter of fact if you have reached that point of your Steemian career that curation guilds have started to skip over you, it might mean you are ready to make your own cake.

What do I mean?

   Well, you should at this point in time have found a Niche, something you can do for Steem, for Steemians for your blog that is unique to you, whether it’s cake charts, zombie survival guides or crypto rants, you need a reason why other Steemians want to read your posts.

   I guess it might seem like this post is on the negative side, and honestly that’s not it at all. I just wanted to tell you my reader to forget about the cake for a little bit, specially if your posts are collecting dust.

This is the time for you to put on the creative hat and think to yourself…

“What is my long game here? …. Screw the cake!!! “

giphy (10).gif

meno logo.png



I read this just in time! I was starting to feel discouraged for the first time in my entire tiny minnow career today. Now i know its just a sugar crash :).

we all went thru this... but don't worry once you find your voice, things start to look up...cheers


Hah screw the cake! Yeah I got curie vote for my first medical post. But now it's nowhere to be seen... I later realised they won't upvote you if you got paid more than 20$ from your previous post. So yeah screw the cake! post what you like :) Love your personality man.

Felix bro, thank you for stopping by man... I see vtc and profits in your near future...

Dude you know what.. pak u and ur vtc bwahahahhaha. But thanks for your wish. I can see you're sitting on pile of gold bars right now.

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