The Problems We See Externally May Reflect Internal Work Yet to be Done

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If we are all part of the absolute, unbounded oneness and if our existence is fractal in nature meaning the patterns within our atoms are connected to our bacteria which are connected to our bodies which is connected to the earth which is connected to the universe and beyond... and if these connections go both ways and also have a non-physical dimensionally to them, then we can come up with some interesting hypotheses which can greatly benefit our process of self discovery.

For example, if I see a pattern in the world around me, something I have strong emotional responses to which drives me to take action in order to change or improve the situation, it’s possible to take that pattern and superimpose it over my own internal world and see if it fits my own shadow work yet to be done. If the external world is showing me a pattern to fix something, and I continually strive at it but fall short of the expectations I set as if stuck in a loop, it’s possible a version of the same pattern can be found internally. Even more interestingly, as the internal work is prioritized, worked on, and not avoided, changes in the outside world seem to manifest as if by magic. Doors open, blockades fall, and new amazing opportunities are revealed.

The concept of “be the change you want to see in the world” goes very deep and on multiple levels. Even if everything said above sounds like woo mumbo-jumbo, increasing our internal awareness and dealing with our emotional trauma, uncontrolled triggers, or areas with little capacity for love does actually change the way our brains function which in turn changes our thoughts and actions. Those actions, and the pure intention they come form, ripple out as a wave to all those around us. It also changes our perception of events which is important because we are all biased observers and our perceptions do impact how we interpret (and construct?) reality (thinking in terms of Einstein stuff about relativity).

So the takeaway is this:

The next time you see something “out there” which has to change (kids, work, society, the planet, etc), look inward for the same pattern. You may get insight on something you’ve been avoiding.

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Really good insights here. The outside world is a projection of our inner reality, individually and collectively.

It's interesting to me that many people complain about being 'triggered'. They do all they can to avoid any situation or person that will trigger them instead of realizing that life is presenting them an opportunity to look inside and release whatever it is that is causing the emotional reaction.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Reading this make me think of an old cliche.

"As above, so below"

I think of everything as fractal in nature as well. And you're right, a lot of things (good and bad) happening externally from us have a counterpart that is also occurring internal with us. Through dealing with those internal "happenings" our external circumstance may be remedied.

Thank you for articulating this so well and sharing your thoughts on the topic!