Mid wits..# Part 2 . How academia has been made worthless because of the mid-wit.

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Were you aware that in the late 1940's, early 50's - only 5 % of individuals had a further education degree?

Today, that figure is closer to 50% !

Have people become more intelligent?
No. Less, if anything.

How then, has it come to the point where anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence, can have a PHD ?

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The midwit is an intelligent person, but not that intelligent.
Here is my post yesterday to help understand...

The Midwit, and the destruction of real academia.

Midwits are academic posers who are not actually that intelligent, but who think they will be seen as that (social image is very important to the midwit) if they hold some higher education qualification or other.
It's a self-conscious strategy, designed for projecting an image.

As I touched upon in the previous post, the midwit is all about 'fitting in' - conforming to the cultural norm, and succeeding through consensus of opinion from their peers, rather than thinking independently.

While having a high intelligence, they do not posses the higher IQ's that are required for truly original thought. (Newton, Da Vinci, Einstein, Tesla...)

From the 1950's on wards, the people in positions of authority - the professors in the universaties - were very liberal, socialist, and postmodernist in their outlooks.
This is the reason that caused the slow takeover of academia by the midwit.

People of some intelligence are more concerned about harm avoidance (fitting in), and general liberal ideas of kindness and empathy.
This is the cultural bandwagon that was jumped on 60 years ago, and one supported by the professors of that time.

This culture over time, has been taken to a more and more extreme level - due in large part to the nature of the midwit.

The midwit will take the cultural norms of the day and (as touched on in my first post), and will then add some tiny addition of thought , into the mix - to act as a marker - A marker as someone who has had an 'original thought', a 'freethinker' (which it is not).
It's merely an additional piece of information adding to the existing model - thus aligning to the already conformist world view , and then wrapped up in the facade of 'originality'.
Hence the term, 'the academic poser'.

Original ideas means solving problems.

The very thought processes employed by the midwit does not address solving problems, but agreeing with what is.

A person who's very good at solving problems with a very high iq is focused on solving the problem.
Any other issues are secondary (or non existent).


Not so with the midwit.

As you move down 'the iq ladder', intelligence becomes more associated with empathy and high social skills - and that can mean that certain things will stand in the way of solving problems.
i.e Detracting from purely analytical thought processes.

Feelings of empathy and such, requires a needing to conform to the group.. and will mean that you can't think truly independently.
You can't quite solve problems - because the intelligence has been co-selected with empathy (for example).
This relationship between empathy and intelligence is not there at the extreme ends of the high iq range.

People that are not overly intelligent are pulled into 'traps' where they would, and do, commit logical fallacies all in the desire to conform.
They will start believe things like 'because something is not very nice , it means that it can't possibly be true'.

They can be overwhelmed by a cognitive dissonance that comes from the empathy / intelligence association.

...Which brings me to to trust.....

People who are intelligent (the midwit) tend to be 'more trusting' people.

If you're not particularly intelligent, then you're likely to have experienced getting conned, cheated, and taken advantage of. (perhaps this an example of an 'unpleasant fact' that the midwit will have problems with. Cognitive dissonance within the midwit may well make up alternative realities - which are easier for the midwit to accept. 'It's not about intelligence, it's social deprivation' - that kind of thing).

The point being - It pays dividends for the lesser intelligent person to not trust so easily.

The more intelligent you are, the more perceptive you'll be, and more able to work out whether people are being honest - or not. Thus, you can more accurately, work out whether you should trust - or not.

This has a built-in problem.

....if you are trusting, then you will tend to trust people.
You will tend to trust authorities.
You will tend to trust people in positions of authority.
This is what the midwit will do.
The midwit will be inclined to believe authority.
Trust it.
Which means the midwit will be inclined to believe the government. (not questioning 'authoritative sources', and simply conforming to dominant ideologies).
The Midwit will accept and believe that authority.

The person who is more intelligent will be skeptical of all information, regardless of source , and will be skeptical of all forms of authority.

This explains why the midwits are prone to the fallacious argument of 'appealing to authority' and why they are prone to using this fallacy - a lot!

The midwit doesn't have the intelligence (or motivation) to be able to assess those claims of those coming from the 'authoritative sources'.

So they just believe instead.

A current example...
...look at the inability for the midwit to dissect simple numbers in regards to the covid deaths.
The authority - government sources - tells them what to think and how to react.
The actual numbers do not correlate to the authority narrative, and yet the midwit 'accepts the narrative'.
You see 'university educated' people unable to think it through for themselves, and see the BS.


He doesn't have the wit and wherewithal, to be able to work out whether a claim is accurate or inaccurate, so - if that's the level of intelligence you're at - then it's easier to just say 'oh well an authority has made that claim' and I trust them .

If you are intelligent - but not that intelligent, then you're going to be more prone to fallacious thinking.
You're going to be more prone to bad arguments.
One of those bad arguments is the fallacy of 'appeal to authority'.

As a midwit - you're going to be sucked into using the fallacy of 'appeal to authority'.

In the way that a highly intelligent person wouldn't be.

Midwits will say something like 'this person has made this claim which I don't agree with' (about something to do with psychology, lets say)... 'this person's a biologist and therefore I don't accept that person's claim because they don't have the credentials to make that claim .
They are not actually a psychologist they are a biologist. Consequently I'm not prepared to accept that they that they can make that claim.

Obviously that's a totally fallacious argument.
The claim is either correct - logically and empirically - or it isn't.
But if you are in the midwit iq range - not that bright, then you can't think about it for yourself.

A factoid...
A fascinating thing about people who are geniuses, is that they tend to come up with highly original ideas and make massive breakthroughs - and not just in the area in which they have been trained - but in all other kinds of areas.
That's for another post...

High intelligence (not midwits), involves seeing relationships...

...between different subjects - and then calculating the relationship between 'this and that'.
A person of normal intelligence wouldn't notice the same relationship.
It's inherent in people that are highly intelligent , that they constantly make relationships and make connections (ones that other people simply 'do not see').

A person who is a midwit is not like that, He's not capable of thinking in an original way. 'Seeing the connections'.
Thinking in an original way involves taking different strands of information and bringing them all together into a new model.

For a person of midwit intelligence all they can do, is to be trained in something.

This is not bad thing in the slightest - it's simply about understanding who you are.
This is where the further education system has caused untold mayhem, and misery for millions of people, for possibly decades to come...

The midwits are incrementalists - that's how they think.
They can't think in the same kind of creative way - they've never had an original thought in their life.

And this is one of the problems....

This leaves the midwit very skeptical of people that do think in creative ways.

You will find the midwit is very skeptical of this kind of truly creative behavior - because the midwife doesn't have the intelligence to be able to so himself.

He can't comprehend that it's even possible.


The midwit is a person who is reasonably intelligent.
But he's not that intelligent.

He is good at solving problems - to a degree .
He is good pursuing the truth - but only up to an extent.

He's also limited in his abilities to pursue the truth and to solve problems.

NOW...Higher education....

Imagine what would happen, if you got people that were deficient in thinking ('the higher realms'), and who, also - are highly 'credential orientated'.

The whose view science not as a pursuit of truth, but as a guild that you join where upon you are given this magic qualification - and with it kudos and social standing, then the science becomes secondary.

If your worldview is so simplistic, that if a person who has 'a qualification' should be listened to, then imagine this...

Imagine if you got those very same people, and you gave them a qualification - which in the view of society, rendered them a scientist.

Rendered them an academic.

Imagine if you then created a situation where people like that had doctorates...

That's _exactly_what we've done by creating this over educated society over this last 50 or 60 years.

We've gone from five percent of the population in the '50s having a BA, to nearly 50 percent of the population having one.
...You also get more people that have master's degrees and more people that have doctorates.

Having a doctorate was seen as a sign that you are part of the intellectual elite. (it still does, and that's the problem).

Imagine if the average iq of a person that had a doctorate was reduced from 135, all the way down to 115?

Imagine if a doctorate became something that was associated with being a midwit.

What happens then?

The midwits would then see themselves as highly intelligent -- and they have the letters after their name, to prove it.
They would no longer have the kind of intellectual humility associated with being less well educated.
And with lack of humility, comes inflation of ego..
They would start to regard themselves as being part of the intellectual elite.
As being authorities.
As being worth listening to.


The consequences of this is that you will see 'the rise of the midwit' and, once this has happened, the midwit would start to push the genuinely intelligent person - the genius - out of the universities.


...Because when it comes to getting jobs in academia - they're both going to have PHD's.

BUT.... the midwit is also going to be more socially skilled.
They are very good at that.
The midwit is going to be more conformist to the dominant ideologies.
The midwit is going to be more socially liberal.
The midwit is going to be higher in altruism.
The midwit is going to be more cooperative.

The midwife is going to be lower in autistic traits.

The midwit is going to feel more confident, and therefore you're going to want to work with him.

The midwit is therefore going to be employed by the universities. By his peer group.

And... the midwit will then go on, to employ other midwits, and on, and on it goes.

Eventually you will get to a point where empathy becomes more important than the pursuit of truth.

Where conformity to the current social order becomes the key issue.

To get a job at a university where liberal views becomes the key issue will mean that eventually, you'll get a situation where the whole university system gets taken over by midwits.

The highly intelligent people who were part of the 'older' system - those who came up with brilliant and original ideas - are now being pushed out of that very system!

They can't cope with the stupidity of the midwit
They can't deal with these people.
They can't deal with their dogmas and their speech codes and their prizing of things above the truth.

They're driven out.


THAT is what the expansion of the phd into midwick territory has done.

The midwit does not see science as being about the pursuit of truth.

The midwit is the kind of person who sees everything, not in terms of the pursuit of truth, but in terms of the pursuit of social status.

In terms of the pursuit of power.

In terms of the pursuit of certain goals - such as cooperation and kindness, but not in terms of the pursuit of truth.
...In terms of being seen as an elite academic.
A person who is worth taking seriously.

They will see themselves as the new elites.


We see it happening right now..

The midwit is taking over.
The midwit is taking over because the midwit primarily is concerned with credentials, qualifications, and social status.
NOT, the pursuit of truth.

If the phd is seen as the marker of the qualification that you need to be an academic, then the validity as a marker of being super intelligent, is undermined.

Due to the midwit's expansion into the territory of academia - because he's more socially skilled and increasingly part of the majority - he can then take over academia.
In it's entirety.

If we can stop the midwits from working at universities, we stop the midwits from having qualifications beyond school education. (through stringent, merit based examinations, for entry into higher education institutions).

If we move back to a situation where the midwit is not part of higher education, then we can prevent the midwit from causing such serious problems in terms of science, logic, critical thinking...


We must fight the midwit from gaining credibility.

He has the facade, and the social skills (good politicians).

He doesn't , however , 'have the goods'_...


Very good analysis. Thanks.