Do no harm

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This explains a basic understanding of doing no harm, but also not taking wrong doing or letting it keep going. one is passive in that you don't do harm, and the other is active to stand up and take action against it.


Yes, the non-violence is taught and touted, while the self-defense is minimized or outlawed. Trying to make good sheep out of the populations.

However, i must state that these are guidelines that people should try to follow.

Do no harm?
The most violent thing that can be done in this world is give birth to a new human.
Just this "simple" act causes all kinds of changes to the earth and the fabric of time.

And you can take it to other extremes. Don't eat animals. Don't eat plants. Don't breath and kill air born bacteria.

Self-defense is also hard. Because there are places you should stand up and defend yourself. That is the correct emotional thing to do, but it could get you killed or worse, not effect the harm while causing you much damage.

So, it is something to strive towards. Don't kill yourself over it.

It's not violent. Violence is a violation. There is no violation in giving birth. Do no harm is an ideal, then you have to think of interaction with others and what harm is done, and what receives harm, and how we can avoid that harm by doing other things instead. Self-defense in the face of wrong and power can indeed backfire when you stand alone, especially in an inverted world that supports or lets the wrong continue.

You shouldn't fight when the defeat is certain. Whether it is physical or rhetorical self-defense, this works and is taught on most self defense courses.

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So simple, but so ignored by the vast majority of people.

Every income tax payer in the western world is complicit...

To quote jack Nicholson...

'The truth? You can't handle the truth'

Freedom ain't free - and most people would prefer to pontificate about it, rather than pay the price...(and the cost is very real)

Until the masses actually grow a pair and do something, we are headed in one direction...aaaaaaaaaand hello, Orwell!

Yes, we're all complicit in various degrees. It's a messed up world, and people aren't learning about it and how to make it better from the root causes: us, our consciousness and lack of awareness.

'comfortably numb'...... all the way to the slaughter yard...Where are the vegans when you need 'em? lol

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I agree with everything you said up until the last 2 lines. No need to debate this here, nobody's going to change their mind - you, me and OP have all been here since 2016. I won't bother trying to justify my downvotes with comments in the future.

You don't think stakeholders have soured to the
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No need to debate this here, nobody's going to change their mind

My $2 upvote on that made all the difference I'm sure. I don't control my supporters just like you don't control tribesteemup, I stand by what I said. You've posted this image at least a dozen times since you started in 2016, you're capable of great articles but this was a shit post. Like mine.

You may have also noticed that right after I gave you a flag on this shitpost, I 100% upvoted a quality post from you. It's nothing personal krnel