The failing system, atheist vs agnostic vs spiritual, capitalism, worthless paper proclamations, and more! My first compilation video: a "best of" Peter Joseph

in philosophy •  6 months ago

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Today I want to share something extremely out of the ordinary for my blog :-) This is a video I've been working on for close to 6 months, and started because I've had SO many conversations with people who are "against" The Zeitgeist Movement, the idea of a Natural Law Resource-Based Economy (NLRBE), and/or Peter himself, and yet never seem to have listened to/read the arguments much, if at all.

The most obvious case of this was Stefan Molyneux, who frequently referred to the whole idea as "robot communism", and when he finally did bring Peter on his podcast, promptly turned it into a complete waste of time. I really can't express how disappointed & annoyed I was when that video dropped, if it had been framed as an actual conversation, that would have been an amazingly world-changing video. I'm not even linking to it because it was so bad.

I don't agree with everything Peter says/believes; our biggest disagreement is that he sees the value in making changes from within the system to work towards the alternatives, and I strongly believe that there are no ends but the means. That said, he is extremely pro-sovereignty, an advocate of veganism (though he doesn't mention it much), completely opposed to hierarchies & violence (on a personal or systemic level), and I feel a lot of resonance with the way that he focuses on the big picture and the root problems, rather than the surface-level symptoms, something that I find very important.

Who is Peter Joseph

For those of you who don't know him, Peter is the creator of the documentary series Zeitgeist (on YT: 1, 2, 3), and the founder of The Zeitgeist Movement. He has been one of the loudest voices for systemic change over the past decade, bringing an awareness to many millions about the lies around 9/11, the fraud that is the international banking system, and the amazing possibilities at hand thanks to evolutions in technology & social sciences.

He also created a short docu-series called Culture in Decline, adding a lot more comedy & satire to the general message of "the old system is rapidly failing, and that's a good thing". He is currently working on a live-action movie called InterReflections, which is sort of a "history of the future", showing multiple timelines, and walking us through one way that things can unfold. (I'm really excited for it). You can see the trailer here.

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Video Breakdown

0:00 - What is TZM?
2:18 - Are you an atheist? Spirituality, interconnectedness
7:24 - Modern "society", how we got here
14:23 - The "market", competitive gaming as a social structure
22:46 - What about "them"... conspiracy or cultural conditioning?
25:55 - System Failure
29:25 - "Paper Proclamations"
31:52 - Martin Luther King, spirituality, structuralism


All of the clips in this video come from these 5 presentations/interviews. Of course there are TONS of amazing videos & conversations with PJ, and some not-so-great ones (most on RT, the bickering with Molyneux, etc). After going back through just about every video of him on YT, I decided that these ones contained most of the really important pieces & concepts that I wanted to present here.


I certainly don't agree with Peter on everything (there are very few people that I do, and even less who have a "public voice"), but we certainly share the same foundational principles, goals, and a pretty similar vision for the future. One of the main reasons I wanted to make this video was simply to show folks who often disregard him, and TZM, offhand some of the things they are missing, and where there is a whole lot of overlap.

Hope you enjoyed! This was the first time I've done a video project like this since high school, and it took me a LONG time... Mostly due to working on it for a while, then setting it aside. Just the yesterday I decided to listen to this presentation, called "Post Scarcity", and realized I just needed to put the pieces I had in order and fire it off already.

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Well done on your video project. I agree with some of your and Andrewmarkmusic's comments but reserve my own judgement.


Thanks. It was fun in some ways, and in others a reminder of why I don't really take on projects like this very often, haha.

I'll watch your work this evening Kenny. I was right on P.J. as soon as the first Zeitgeist came out as well as being early into reading David Icke; I think I read his first book in the early nineties.
I agree Molyneux was a dick in that interview.
The only real criticism I have of P.J. is that to me he never really seemed to rise above leftist ideology--his attachment to the Marxist oeuvre seems unbreakable in a certain sense.
I agree totally though that the individualist approach to solutions ( scale )is insufficient and any meaningful and effective change requires systemic alteration.
Sadly, and perhaps tragically, we won't get much change. The first reason is the size and velocity of this 500-year capitalist machine. Secondly, and perhaps more to the root of the issue, materialist strategies deny the root cause of the problem: non-human actors involved in all of this--to them this idea is plain silly and dismissed as conspiracy theory. Unfortunately,​ sites like Gaiam have muddied these waters to the point of absurdity​ and that was intentional, IMO.


The only real criticism I have of P.J. is that to me he never really seemed to rise above leftist ideology--his attachment to the Marxist oeuvre seems unbreakable in a certain sense.

Indeed. He basically prescribes his own new social order, and fails to allow for individual choice. He's always struck me as a very cultish, ironically, in his views, prescriptions, and attitudes.


Ya, I agree with this on the whole. I've also heard him many times stress the importance of individual choice in our personal lives and in our interactions with each other, but not leaving so much room for it when it comes to things that are unquestionably not personal, things that have massive effect on others and the planet.

I feel like he is more than intelligent & logical enough to come to anarchy if given a proper introduction and discussion, and that's a big part of the reason I was so upset with the Molyneux debacle. I feel like if Stefan had come into that conversation open, respectful, ready to have a dialogue, and focusing on the principles (instead of feeling offended by statistical & meta-analysis), he could have brought about some major epiphanies for PJ. Of course the months of mocking him and TZM beforehand didn't exactly set the stage for that either.

I would LOVE to see a conversation between Peter & @Dan, I feel like they could connect on a much higher level, and from there move forward to some wonderful things.


If Joseph is a revolutionary then Molyneux is a propagandist. It was never going to go well.
All will be mute if humanity can't find a way to convince billions to voluntarily give up their greed, over-consumption, self-obsession, and learn once again to live in equilibrium with the earth's life systems. Capitalism will have to change or it too will die and it will only be a question of the scale of destruction if it refuses to do so.


If Joseph is a revolutionary then Molyneux is a propagandist. It was never going to go well.

Hey, a guy can hope :-P When that "debate" happened, I was pretty actively bouncing back and forth between FreeDomainRadio & PJ's talks, and personally I can see so much overlap & synthesis there, so I just thought maybe the two of them would see it too.

I'd say viral idea spreading is the key. If each one who lines up with the new paradigm can fully embody it and spread that to just 2 or more people, we'll get there eventually, especially since we're starting with hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

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